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Topic: Nathan Kranzo Lecture in Clarksville, TN, June 11th 2016 (Event 1)
Message: Posted by: David Bilan (May 12, 2016 10:01PM)
He's not "Taking The Last Train to Clarksville", but NATHAN KRANZO will be delivering a full-steam Lecture in Clarksville, Tennessee, Saturday, June 11th beginning at 6PM CDT at the Country Inn & Suites (Tennessee I-24 @ Exit 4). This event is hosted by the Tri Cities Magicians Society (TCMS) of Clarksville, TN.

Lecture begins at 6 PM. This is part 1 of a 2 part event. See the second post to find out how to save 10% off the cost of an entire evening of entertainment and learning including a new DVD from Nate Kranzo.

Lecture Info...Here is what you get to see and learn:

The Coin Opener
This routine has been Nathan's Close up opener for 15 years. Visual coin magic at its best.

No Moves Copper Silver Brass
This transposition effect has become one of the Highlights of Kranzo's new lecture. New life is breathed into this classic coin effect.

Rub A Dub Wallet
Kranzo's GO TO card effect when he has to perform something quick and STRONG.

Impromptu Card In Pants
Just what it sounds like. You will laugh and be amazed. Then laugh again at the simple method. No special deck this time.

Theodore DeLand's 2 Card Monte
An amazingly strong transposition between a BORROWED I.D. and your Drivers License that happens in THEIR HANDS!!!

Tru Test - This is Nathan's adaptation of the U.F. Grant Magazine Test. A magazine is chosen, a page selected and torn to pieces by the spectator until they are left with a single piece. They think of a word on that piece, and tell them what it is! This is a closer!

52 Gone
Probably the cleanest deck vanish of all time. http://youtu.be/UzV3YVuFz1o

All this and much more!
*how to incorporate comedy in your magic.
* how to approach people.


Lecture (6-8:30PM)
TCMS Members: Free
Non-Members: $15

Go to PayPal.com to purchase tickets. Send payment to: TriCitiesMagic@live.com
Mention Kranzo in the special instructions note box and how many will be attending and whether this is for the lecture, workshop or both.
Purchasing tickets at the door: Cash only please! No checks or credit cards.

The Two Hour Lecture is followed by a Nate Kranzo Self-Working Card Magic Workshop that same night.

For more info, PM me, or Check out the Events tab of the Tri Cities Magicians Society Facebook page.

Be sure to check the post on the Self-Working Card Magic Workshop happening the same night righ after the Lecture (and a bathroom break).

It's going to be great night!
Message: Posted by: David Bilan (Jun 3, 2016 08:57PM)
Eighth Days.... If you're in the Clarksville, TN area on June 11th, make plans to drop in for Nathan Kranzo's Self-Working Card Magic Workshop. Easy to find, I-24 in Tennessee to exit 4... Go to Country Inn & Suites (behind Shoney's PM me for details.