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Topic: Coin tricks
Message: Posted by: GaMBiT_101 (Mar 14, 2004 07:12PM)
What kind of coin effects are magicians using on the street, and what are the reactions? Also, what problems have there been with spectators, wanting to inspect coins, hecklers etc. Do you magically produce coins, or does that seem a bad idea. If you can produce coins from thin air, why are you busking?
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Mar 14, 2004 10:44PM)
I'm planning on trying Michael Ammar's "See Through Coins through Silk"

It's very open, visual, and can be done with hands outstretched right in their faces without being detected.

I'm also thinking about producing the three coins and after they pass through the silk, giving them away to the kids who helped. It'll only cost me .75 per show (more if I use halves) but the good will fostered might pay off even better when hat time comes around.
Message: Posted by: GaMBiT_101 (Mar 14, 2004 10:51PM)
Great, your right it is a very visual effect, and I hope it pays off.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Mar 15, 2004 03:05PM)
I think Cellini's devils napkin (name is something like that) is excellent!

Coins disappear into a silk, and then reappear audibly and visibly one at a time, after the silk is shown "empty".

I am hoping this is on the new DVD, but I think it also on the London lecture video.

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Mar 15, 2004 05:03PM)
It's on the DVD. It's a KILLER effect with some nice patter. It could be very strong, VERY strong. Enjoy it bro. The DVD is on its way, in the mail today. Hope you like it.

Let me know.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Mar 15, 2004 08:12PM)
What shops are selling it?

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Mar 15, 2004 08:59PM)
None yet, James, but I am. And in about two weeks you will find it at the local shop I would think. They will be shipped to the distributor in the next week, and then a week or two to get the local stores. If you want one quicker, send me an e-mail.

magicman1234@hotmail.com and I will send you one.

Message: Posted by: xtreme_mixers (Mar 18, 2004 01:44AM)
I would go for a type of coins across using the spectators hands by using the methods from David Roth or David Stone and maybe do Han Ping Chien or a 2 coin travel routine. Either way they all work well for a few reactions.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 14, 2004 10:31PM)
The coin roll is a good thing to use to draw a crowd. So is the Downs Coin Star. Bobby Bernard's book has the real work.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 15, 2004 02:00AM)
I do Roth's coins across on my table ending with a jumbo half in spec's hand via Han Ping Chien. Use it once in a while to stop the first few with a close up trick.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Apr 15, 2004 11:44AM)
None better than the Chanin routine where he produces continuously, jumbo coins from a single handkerchief. Cervon uses it in close up, but it would be PERFECT on the street.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Apr 15, 2004 12:16PM)

Where is the Chanin routine documented/shown/taught?


Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Apr 15, 2004 04:17PM)
One issue that you will find working on the streets with silks is the wind. Makes it tough somtimes, but bro is right. The silk routine is great for the streets. Jim has talked about the Chanin routine.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 15, 2004 05:09PM)
BroDavid, About the easiest place to find the Chanin routine is in David Haversat’s book “Chanin, The Man With The Magic Hands.” It contains almost all of Jack Chanin’s work. The three shell game, the cigar routine, the silk routines, and his coin production (among other items) are all there.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 15, 2004 05:13PM)
How about McBride's jumbo coins from silk, which is on his manipulation tapes? Is that basically the same effect and handling?

Message: Posted by: Doug Conn (Apr 16, 2004 10:42AM)
Cervon's (outstanding) version of the Chanin Trick is in "Ultra Cervon."

Wasn't the original Chanin sequence in Tarbell?
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Apr 16, 2004 10:53AM)
After seeing John Carney do his version of coins into hat on the Ramsay dvd he put out, I immediately thought it would be great for the street.

Especially with the top hat.
Message: Posted by: Doug Conn (Apr 16, 2004 11:26AM)
For those that wish to research the Chanin sequence (from Tarbell), if I remember correctly it's called "TV Surprise."
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 16, 2004 04:36PM)
Doug Conn is close.

Chanin’s “T.V. Surprise” (Tarbell, volume 7, pages 167-170) does include part of the Coin from Handkerchief production.

However it is a fuller routine involving the production of coins, balls, and cigarettes. In effect a handkerchief is displayed front and back and one by one the performer produces three coins, two balls, two cigarettes, and a book of matches. The matchbook vanishes and finally a lit cigarette vanishes. The start set-up is slightly different than the straightforward coins from handkerchief (where 12 or 14 coins appear).

Bruce Cervon’s routine “Hanky Panky” (“Ultra Cervon,” pages 97-106) is similar but the methodology is different. Cervon based his routine on an Al Koran routine of the same name found in “Routined Manipulation Finale.” Actually the Koran/Cervon handling is closer to the handling found on Cellini’s new DVD as “the devils handkerchief.”
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Apr 19, 2004 07:43AM)
I don't do street so I don't know if I really should be posting what would work best. I do a lot of work though both stand up and close up, so here's what I've found works best for me as far as reactions. Close up would be a quick coins across routine in the spectator's hands, maybe for a few to draw a crowd. Stand up I would definitely do the coins through silk with dollar sized coins because it's so highly visual. The miser's dream is another favorite of mine because it's so fun and audible. Vernon has a routine on his Revelations series with coins in a silk where they disappear then reappear audibly one at a time.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 20, 2004 06:39AM)
I was warming up this weekend and I had my coins out and I did an impromptu misers dream using, guess what? I used one of Pete Biro's huge galli galli cups for the misers dream.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 20, 2004 08:07AM)
Hey James, I also use the Biro “Galli Galli” cup for a misers dream routine. I also have used one for a "Coins to Glass" routine (in this case coins to Galli Galli cup). Making a prop do double duty sure cuts down on the number of props you have to carry.

"Hey can you imagine the size of the Thermos bottle these babies came off of?" (A line I used during a show for a fund-raiser and Harley Davidson raffle.)
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 20, 2004 02:17PM)
Great line, Harry. That's a great idea to use 'em for coins to glass. I've got to practice that. I used to do the one in Ganson's routined books. Also, you bet about one less thing to carry. I lug around too much stuff already! That's something I'm working on: carrying less stuff.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 20, 2004 02:34PM)
James, I actually used the Brio Galli Galli cup in a platform act this week. I have a metal stand that holds a huge candle. This holder has four metal arms at the top that are curled. It looks like a small Champaign bucket holder. Yes, I put the Galli Galli Cup in it and a small bottle of champagne (for a signed card to bottle trick) and called it the world’s smallest Champaign bucket. By the way I got the Candleholder from a Funeral Parlor (OK, it was really a Funeral Home, they don’t call them funeral parlor’s anymore!).

Honestly, I wish that Pete had made a Galli Galli Chop Cup man then I would be down to one-cup act and still be able to perform a Misers Dream or Coins to Cup and end with a Chop Cup routine. Talk about one prop doing it all!

Now that I have the copper Galli Galli set I wish that I had the Stainless Steel version too. Anyone with a Stainless set want to trade?
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Apr 20, 2004 06:11PM)
I think that Pete's cups are the largest out there. They have the same mouth diameter as Gazzo's cups but they are taller. This works well for the miser's dream because there's more room for your hand and what it's doing and also the coin drops further which makes a louder sound.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 30, 2004 05:12PM)
On 2004-04-15 12:44, Pete Biro wrote:
None better than the Chanin routine where he produces continuously, jumbo coins from a single handkerchief. Cervon uses it in close up, but it would be PERFECT on the street.

Absolutely! It has a couple of advantages. One of them is that the coins are obviously not real coins. This can be an advantage when you are passing the hat. If you could pull real money out of nowhere, why would anyone tip you?

If you do this, use some really shiny coins. Have them chrome plated, if need be.