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Topic: 7 Mysteries available again!!!
Message: Posted by: The Jack (Jun 6, 2016 01:56AM)
After being Sold Out at Mindvention and in the Alakazam Site, now I m happy to say that the book is available again: http://www.alakazam.co.uk/product-7-Mysteries-By-The-Jack-Pre-Order.html

Here is just the Prologue written by my great friend Ian Rowland

This is a great book by a wonderful performer, mentalist and friend. If you value it, as you should, and study the contents, it will repay you with a wealth of great, entertaining †mentalism and plenty of sound advice.

Without doubt, mentalism is a difficult and challenging branch of magic. Many are drawn to it, but few stay the distance. The problem is that as a mentalist, you have nowhere to hide. You canít rely on music, lights and stage effects to entertain your audience, nor can you hope to impress anyone with your repertoire of sleights and slick moves. The stark truth is that in mentalism, it all has to come from you. Your presence and personality are all you have. Jorge is one of the few who really understand this particular discipline of the magical arts. He gets it; he knows how to make it work.

Iíve had the pleasure of seeing Jorge perform just about everywhere. Iíve seen him do formal theatre and cabaret shows, but Iíve also seen him put on an improvised show for tourists on the streets of London. Iíve seen him take over a bar and amaze cynical, seen-it-all-before staff with miracles of mindreading and metal-bending, and also seen him backstage (at a concert given by a major international star) leaving staff and assistants utterly bewildered by his strange talents. In short, Jorge can seemingly weave mental miracles out of thin air whenever he wants to, wherever he happens to be. Whatís more, heís good. Heís very good indeed.

The real secret of Jorgeís work is this: everyone likes him. He has that rare and special knack of getting along with people, and bringing out the best in them wherever he goes. He canít teach you this secret in these pages, but if you are lucky enough to meet him, or to see him working, youíll see the very special kind of magic Iím talking about. Jorgeís way of talking to people, setting them at ease, sharing his love for his craft and delighting them with his warm nature and mental miracles is a joy to behold. He leaves people mystified, yes, but he also leaves them happy, charmed, smiling and delighted that they met this strangely talented man. Jorgeís performing style gives the rest of us something to aspire to. None of us can be Jorge, but all of us can learn from him.

All the material in these pages is practical, real-world Ďworkerí mentalism that people like and enjoy. Itís gold, and I suggest you treasure it accordingly.

If youíre lucky enough to know Jorge as a friend, youíll have discovered heís a wonderful person first and a mentalist second. Thereís no doubt that Jorge can teach us all a lot about mentalism. More importantly, he can teach us a lot about how to live, how to treat the people around us, and how to have a wonderful time sharing our love of mentalism with† the world.

Welcome to Seven Mysteries.

- Ian Rowland