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Topic: Urban Magik Trio
Message: Posted by: myoungbauer (Mar 16, 2004 12:14PM)
Hello there
Has anyone seen these guys perform? Derren Brown meentions them in his book Absolute Magic, and there is an appearance by one of them("Mike") on the Devil's Picturebook. They seem to perform at a lot of festivals and clubs, and Derren mentions their presentations being very original. They sound pretty amazing, I'm just wondering if anyone's seen them perform?

Message: Posted by: Andrewdavidson12 (Mar 16, 2004 03:30PM)
I watched them perform in Birmingham. I liked their approach and the whole "Urban Magick" branding thing was a good idea.

I didn't see anything especially original in what they did, either in terms of effect or presentation. But they were very polished in their performance.

Message: Posted by: zenmistress (Mar 16, 2004 03:51PM)
You can find out about them here: