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Topic: Curtis Kam Routine
Message: Posted by: Aaron Isaacs (Jun 28, 2016 11:59AM)
Does anyone know if (and is so where) this Curtis Kam routine is published?

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jun 28, 2016 12:26PM)
Curtis is a member here, so shoot him a pm and I am sure he can direct you. You can never go wrong with Curtis Kam material!
Message: Posted by: Nightcrawler (Jun 28, 2016 01:39PM)
It' on his Penguin lecture. Check out http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/4290
Message: Posted by: Magical Pictures (Jun 28, 2016 01:53PM)
That is a great routine.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jun 28, 2016 08:25PM)
Thanks for noticing, and for the likes. I call the routine "Quartermaster" and the easiest place to get it is the Penguin Live lecture. It's now available either as a disc, or Download. I think I say in the lecture, this is something I do all the time, in social situations, and strolling. If you believe that magic in the spectator's hands is strongest, in this multiphase routine, everything happens in the spectators' hands. And in the end, you can seque into a copper/silver transposition, the stack of quarters through the spectator's hand, the little hand, a bent quarter, coin under watch, or anything else that the moment and the mood requires.

It's also not that hard to do. These days, I'm suggesting this routine as the first coin routine any serious student should learn. It's no more difficult than coins across, and the effect is better. Also, Quartermaster forces the student to pay attention to the audience, which is a good habit to learn early.

The basics for the routine are in Arthur Buckley's "Principles and Deceptions" and that write up was reprinted in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. It's called "The Seven Pennies" by Terry Lynn.
Message: Posted by: Aaron Isaacs (Jun 28, 2016 08:49PM)
Thanks Curtis!
Message: Posted by: bigfoot (Jun 30, 2016 02:26PM)
You know I really liked the idea of using a bottle cap with the Cap and Pence effect.
I did use Whispering Coins that I got from Roger Klause many years ago. The bottle cap would be great for that too.
I am curios which was used here.
Message: Posted by: Kyoki_Sanitys_Eclipse (Jul 3, 2016 12:48AM)
Very nice I love your coin work
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jul 8, 2016 07:32PM)
The bottle cap is my cover of choice. A close second is the dollar bill folded into a cone, as described in Kaplan's Fine Art of Magic.

The stack in the video is a quarter stack that I made myself many, many years ago. I didn't even have a power drill at the time, just one of those old-timey hand drills with a crank handle. And lots of free time. I used it in different ways for a while, and then when rare earth magnets became commonly available, I glued one of those inside. I then shimmed the bottle cap by cutting a quarter-sized circle from a tin can, and then sticking it into the cap, under the plastic lining. Thus shimmed, the stack would stick to the cap until pulled out by my fingertip.

It's still a really effective way to go, and sometimes I end Quartermaster that way. As I say in the Penguin lecture, there are several other ways to go.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Jul 9, 2016 10:22AM)
It is a very nice routine…Great work, Curtis. :)
Message: Posted by: plmqaz1243 (Jul 9, 2016 10:59AM)
Such a great routine, Curtis. I love routines that could transition smoothly to any number of other routines to make for a casual, organic stand up performance. I also love working with quarters - there's something different about doing magic with a handful of change versus three uncommon (though beautiful) halves or silver dollars.
Message: Posted by: bigfoot (Jul 10, 2016 07:23PM)
Thanks for the explanation on the stack it blends very well into the whole routine.
Message: Posted by: H2Odesign (May 19, 2020 05:48PM)
It's been a while but this routine also has a write up by Kainoa Harbottle in his column By Means of Metal found in Genii, January 2017.