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Topic: Mindgames by Ben Morris-Rains
Message: Posted by: Chris Berry (Mar 18, 2004 01:14PM)
I just picked this up a few days ago and it is a pretty nice little manuscript.

You get 6 different effects for the price. 4 coin effects, 1 card, and Ben's super awesome UNGIMMICKED Pen Thru Bill.

Ben gave this away here at the Café a few months back and if you guys liked it you should definitely pick up a copy of the notes.

Out of everything, the 2 things I can see myself using the most would be the Pen Thru Bill and the No Fuss Instant Assembly which isn't to bad considering the notes are only $10. How often have you bought a new book or video for $30-40 or even more and have been lucky to get one thing, if anything at all out of it to perform?

Although Ben is a friend I do have to be fair and give you the downside of the notes. I do think Ben should have had an outside source edit them for grammer. I didn't notice anything majorly wrong, some of the stuff could have just been written in a more streamlined way, some if it seemed to be "overexplained" if that makes any sense. Also, some of the picture looked like they were stills taken from a video which made them look a little awkward.

Those were the only 'problems' I could see and they aren't to big of a deal at all. Ben did his best to make sure proper credit was given where it was due and the things are explained very well.

All in all I'd say for $10 you really can't go wrong. Even if you don't like it or don't see yourself using anything it's only $10 and you get to see some of the creativness coming out of a young mind from Colorado.

I recommend picking up a set.

Message: Posted by: Ben721 (Mar 18, 2004 03:58PM)
Thanks for the nice review Chris. The link in case some of you were wondering is: http://www.outofthehat.cjb.net

You can now download Visually Twisted, completely free. Go to http://www.outofthehat.cjb.net. It is a nice little visual twisting the aces.
Message: Posted by: Zach Allen (Apr 5, 2004 09:41PM)
Mind Games by Ben Morris-Rains is an interesting 22-page manuscript that consists of six different effects. Each of these are strong in their own ways, and I will go into the details of each one.

SUPT – Some of you may remember when Ben released this effect for free for a brief period of time on the Magic Café. This alone is worth the 10 dollars that Ben is charging for this manuscript. In essence, it is a slow motion pencil through bill (all ungimmicked) that appears to look almost exactly like Misled, with a nod to A.E. The method allows for a very fair and open handling of the bill, right up until the penetration. This one is good.

Quick Money – This is an instant matrix assembly. This is a very simple method of moving four coins to one corner instantaneously. Simple, but it does look good.

Copper/Silver Purse – This is a, well, copper/silver routine with a purse. Keep in mind that I have limited exposure to these kinds of effects, and did not have the necessary props to walk through the effect. From reading it, however, the trick seems to flow smoothly and the effects transition very nicely.

Up Through Not Down – This is a very novel presentational idea in which the coins penetrate UP through the hand, as seen from the title. This adds a certain visual factor that is lacking in other “coin through the hand” effects. As Ben himself states in the manuscript, this way you do get that visual aspect, rather than the coins being hidden in a fist.

No Fuss Instant Assembly – Out of all the coin routines, I like this one the most. It is a barehanded instant assembly of all four coins; just wave your hand over them, and they go. That quick, and that simple. Pretty good stuff.

Visually Twisted – This is a clever twisting the aces routine that I like. I’d say more about it, but you can download it in the Secret Sessions forum and form your own opinion of it.

All in all, I think that this manuscript is a good deal for the 10 dollars Ben is charging for this. You get six effects that are all quite good, and that is a rare thing in this day and age of one-hit wonder magic tricks that cost 30 bucks a pop. You could do much worse with your 10 dollars than this, and you will be supporting the next generation of magic’s creative thinkers. Information and ordering info can be found at Ben’s website.