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Topic: Devil May Care by Iain Dunford
Message: Posted by: Last Laugh (Jul 30, 2016 08:49PM)

Iain Dunford's new book is a collection of essays on performing styles and readings, along with a couple of utility idea.

[b]Silent Thoughts[/b]
Is a clever idea for a utility prop that I think could be very entertaining.

[b]Personally Speaking[/b]
Iain talks about approaches to performing mentalism and really pushes the boundaries away from the cliches that we tend to stick to (the psychic vs the psychological, etc). He offers an exercise for exploring context and character that goes beyond the usual stuff and he offers an unusual but entertaining character style as an example.

[b]Anatomy of a Billet[/b]
Work on a tear. Not a new technique but an idea for staging a known one

[b]Palm Tree Readings[/b]
This is another one of Iain's great divination systems.

[b]Readings, et al[/b]

To me, the meat and potatoes of this book are these sections on readings. Iain sorta warned us that he might offend some of us in this book. As a former shut eye and someone who is generally open minded to the possibility of psychic phenomenon, I was slightly concerned that it might be along the lines of a pseudo-skeptic psychological 'reduction' of readings. Exactly the opposite. Iain fully embraces the beauty and depth that can happen in readings and I found nothing at all to be offensive. Moreover, he offers an ethical framework to readings that I found extremely refreshing and thoughtful. He clearly genuinely loves readings, and he also clearly genuinely cares for the people he reads for. He offers some wonderful guidelines to keep your sitters emotionally safe and happy and to maximize the positive benefits of a reading while avoiding harm or trauma. He also covers Barnum/Forer statements and explains why he dislikes them and why we should all eliminate them from our readings.

[b]Envelope Stuff[/b]
There are 2 cool envelope techniques, a sw***h and a p**k. The sw***h is deceptive and simple and requires only an ungimmicked stack of envelopes. The peek is simple and appears to by highly practical while requiring a minimum of construction.

[b]Business Card Stack Stuff[/b]

Cool idea that eliminates a common problem with a known gaffed stack of business cards.

[b]My Thoughts[/b]

Anyone who does or is considering doing readings should read this book, regardless of your background or belief system.
If you're interested in thinking about why you present mentalism the way you do or interested in pushing the boundaries of your performance style, you should also read this.
If you're just looking for some cool utility moves, still a pretty good value even though it's not the focus of the book.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Jul 31, 2016 01:39PM)
Thank you very much for the review!

Greg Arce said -
"Iain lives in a world I seldom visit: Readings… the world of Readings. Unfortunately, in the Mentalism Train I get off before it arrives at the Readings Station. But don’t let that stop you. Stay on board. Ian will show you to a very comfortable stateroom where he will sit you down and teach you many things about doing Readings as you take this ride with him. He will take your hand, not merely to look at the lines in your palm, but to help you along the way as you work through your style when you attempt to do a Reading. And maybe when the ride gets a little bumpy he’ll show you how to calm your nerves and just enjoy the journey."

David Thiel said -
"1) I needed to read that second draft TWICE before I even began to "get" how genuinely clever the thinking in it really is. There is real brilliance in this book -- but it's hidden under several layers of self-deprecating and lightweight feeling copy. You have to hunt it. It's the kind of thing that will make you go "huh?" and go back to read it over again. You will then find your self going "ohhhhh."

2) It's a playful book. Don't be looking for whispering ghosts and creaking timbers. The first effect, "Silent Thoughts" is still my favorite. It is trademark clever -- but it's also fun. This is the one I plan to play around with in my parlor and close-up work.

3) Don't cruise over the essays because they don't have effects in them. There's great thinking here. In my mind's eye I see Iain settling back in an overstuffed chair, steepling his fingers and saying "Interesting idea, that. Let's discuss it..."

In fact that's very much what the book is like, settling into a conversation over a frothy beverage with a guy who simply doesn't think like other mentalists do. He has is own way of looking at his world and, seeing it through his eyes, as "Iain Vision" sloooowly swam into focus, I found myself eyeing mentalism through a delightful new perspective: challenging, unique and quite wonderful. His work simply doesn't feel like anyone else. If you like his postings, musings and ramblings here on the Café, you're going to be delighted with this book. I certainly am. "

Dr. Bill said -
"DEVIL MAY CARE is a mash up of Iain’s take on readings along with some new and improved tools of our trade. Learn how he treads the territory of readings safely and in a way that is respectful of both the art and the person being read. He serves up much needed cautions (I might even take this further, perhaps why I’m here), emphasizing the use of restraint, good sense and a collaborative approach. He reminds readers to set aside their egos, always good advice. He also shares some exceedingly clever utility devices, with unlimited applications dictated only by the performer’s imagination.

Please, please listen to Iain’s thoughts on what does and does not fall into the purview of the ethical mentalist and/or reader. I’m biased, particularly when he eloquently captures the differences between what a trained and supervised therapist can do that a mentalist shouldn’t.

Don’t for a moment be turned off if you aren’t into readings as the info in DMC is relevant to a wide range of our practices in mentalism. I see this as essential reading, crucial and spot on at this time when, with renewed vigor, mentalists are debating precisely what constitutes mentalism as well as struggling to find ethically solid ground on which to base their performances.

And if that doesn’t convince you, there is so much more in DMC. If you want methods, Iain teaches many clever tools and equally clever applications of these tools, focusing on the common envelope. “Silent Thoughts” is a sublime methodology that Iain shares for gaining information that will pay huge dividends to those who adopt it. Method and effect blend together seamlessly."

Sealed Thoughts - I think this works so well as part of a reading, its basic in its working - but imagine being able to allow someone to make three silent choices, all sealed up in envelopes (not done or handled by you to insert them) - and as you start to give your reading, you can slowly reveal their choices too, weaving it into the reading itself. And with something I've called the peek-a-boo envelope, its a mix of two classic p**k envelopes in a weird kind of way, but with the advantage of both sides being seen quite fairly and openly. Yet you can have access to the envelope's contents fully, completely under your control, and even AFTER you've got access, the envelope can still be seen as normal afterwards too...and the envelope can be any colour you want, even black.

i am very proud of the readings part, and glad to have gotten a lot of stuff off my chest about how I personally see how and why they work. As for the character/persona part - I think that its very important that we at least attempt to be a bit different. We are supposed to be different from the norm. So why not make it personal and unique? Why bother with the same old ways of 'being' when there's so much to explore.
Message: Posted by: Race Blakhart (Jul 31, 2016 03:15PM)
I can't wait until I have some extra money to spend. I am getting this before anything else! I have been looking forward to it for a while now. Thanks for posting the review, Matt. It really does sound great!
Message: Posted by: BlackZ (Jul 31, 2016 04:47PM)
Just ordered!
Message: Posted by: John C (Aug 8, 2016 10:20PM)
[quote]On Jul 31, 2016, Race Blakhart wrote:
I can't wait until I have some extra money to spend. I am getting this before anything else! I have been looking forward to it for a while now. Thanks for posting the review, Matt. It really does sound great! [/quote]

I agree. His books are always interesting and worth your time and money.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 9, 2016 12:26PM)
AUGSHIP16 gives you 15% off and free shipping up to and including the 14th of this month...

Thanks to everyone thus far...
Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Aug 11, 2016 03:07PM)
Iain has always been a distinct voice in the crowd; one worth paying attention to, even if you may not always agree with his point of view.
Devil May Care is no different.

There are actually two reasons to pick this up.
The first is the wealth of workable material - well designed routines that contains clever thinking and insightful angles on presentation.
His work on readings is smart and, as usual, practical.

The second reason would be Iain's writing style and thinking/ideas, which often challenge the status quo.
In a private note, I told Iain that, while I don't always agree with his viewpoint, I invariably find myself becoming a more self-aware performer by simply being forced to, internally, re-examine and defend some of my own thinking.

Devil May Care is a fun read and valuable contribution.

Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 15, 2016 09:13AM)
Hey thanks Eric...appreciate all that you've said!

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Message: Posted by: BlackZ (Aug 15, 2016 10:01AM)
Wow... your messages arrive always ahead of the Lulu's ones!

Message: Posted by: seamagu (Aug 16, 2016 11:39AM)
I really enjoyed devil may care. There is some serious food for thought.the effects are great but what really got me were the essays. Iain's thinking around readings should be mandatory study for all mentalists.

The only problem I had with the book was that there was so much to take in, I'm going to have to read it at least once more to really digest everything.

Top notch Iain

Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Aug 29, 2016 12:54AM)
Devil May Care should be labeled CONTROVERSIAL! Perhaps then the community will afford it the attention it deserves. IAIN takes on some very real, very gritty pitfalls in doing readings lightly, thoughtlessly, uninspectedly. How many approach them. "Lets just throw some cold reading into my magic act to get bigger reactions." IAIN's points and concerns are spot on. They will get under the skin of some (perhaps many) and cause quite a discussion regardless where your intentions lay. Everyone who considers using any amount or form of "reading" in their act should read and truly contemplate what is put forth in Devil May Care.

That part there is easily worth $20-$25.

But IAIN didn't stop there. Following the journey and discussion about reading we find a handful of rather brilliant, well thought through devices for Mentalists to ply their trade with devious ability. Two very strong utility techniques with envelopes, a technique with a stack of business cards, and a few adaptations and add one for those handlings. These items will please most Mentalists and again the value here is easily $20-$25. Heck, the envelope work on its own is worth that!

So we have a book that easily could be valued at $50 or more, and it's just $21, give or take exchange rates. This is a real steal. It's like getting a great mentalism book which has an amazing and important section on giving readings added in totally for free.

Given the value of the information provided, it's an easy decision to get this ASAP... Before he wises up and raises the price to where it should be.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 30, 2016 04:24PM)
Cheers tom - really appreciate it...

speaking of money...

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Message: Posted by: IAIN (Sep 13, 2016 04:22PM)
Happy news - its going to be reviewed in the next issue of VANISH magazine I believe...

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Message: Posted by: JanForster (Sep 14, 2016 12:57PM)
So finally I got "Devil May Care" and I could read it. What a wonderful read and booklet! I am not a reader, but I like to incorporate bits and pieces in my shows (in order to keep my pace). And even considering that Ian offers a lot of good advices, strategies and tools to inspire your own creativity (even if you want to invent your own "story"...) . In the chapter "Applying It" Ian offers a wonderful example within a routine using a well know imp...vice.
Ian is a very experienced reader, therefore we should listen to him carefully. I did, and what I liked a lot is that he doesn't tell us only how we could behave and talk, but also expressing very clearly what we shouldn't do. My deep respect for this sincere honesty.

Apart that I enjoyed a lot various "tools" he has to offer. If you think you know all about the use of envelops you might be quite surprised what you find in Ian's book. You will read even very practical adaptions for these tools in the book!
It doesn't matter if you perform already in mentalism or are "only" interested in it this book is a must read for all of us, not matter of how experienced we are or believe to be! Jan

P.S.: I adore Ian for being such a modest person...
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Sep 14, 2016 02:20PM)
That's a very generous review, thank you very much for your time and your words...really appreciate it Jan 😁
Message: Posted by: Anthony Black (Sep 14, 2016 02:52PM)
Thanks for the code Iain, ordered.
Message: Posted by: Robb (Sep 15, 2016 10:17AM)
Jan recommends it, I'm ordering it. In fact I just did. ;-)
Message: Posted by: Robb (Sep 23, 2016 03:58PM)
Spent the afternoon reading "Devil May Care". It is EXCELLENT! Great job, Iain. Your thoughts on readings are excellent and very beneficial to me as I am slowly wading into the readings pool... And the envelope ideas, outstanding. I'd give a more extensive review but really everyone else has done that above. My highest recommendation.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Sep 23, 2016 06:16PM)
Hey there....thanks very much Robb, appreciate it...glad you've gotten something from it...

the bit with the photo of the flower and how I broke down the reading - that really is the crux of how I see how best to mix readings in with mentalism...taking a straight line effect and then changing the logic of the reveal in a conversational way, for me, that is where its at...

plus, if someone else has drawn a flower (pretty likely) at the same event, you wont have to panic because the reading will be mildly similar, but also different...which could also be said about people...

the shaxonless and peekaboo envelope stuff, very proud of those too...

thanks again sir!
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Sep 24, 2016 11:16AM)
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Message: Posted by: bud.scott (Oct 28, 2016 08:38PM)
Just bought it and used NIGEL35 for 35% off, think it ends on Oct 31
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Nov 28, 2016 04:53AM)
For today only...

Message: Posted by: John C (Nov 28, 2016 03:30PM)
I'm in with cyber40
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Jan 1, 2017 03:25PM)
...got reviewed in VANISH magazine, for Devil May Care...nifty...

"I really enjoyed reading this book. Not only was the information great but it was written in a fun, easy to read style. This is not a tech product but because of my love of mentalism and the value I found in this book, I want to share it with you.

The information on envelopes and peeks, I felt was priceless.

There are billet tears, readings, an envelope switch that you’re going to love, a peek a boo envelope that is also brilliant, and lots more. The book is 84 pages and an entertaining as well as informative read. I know there is plenty in this book that I will use.This is definitely geared toward the mentalist performer and is Very Highly Recommended!" - Carl Andrew
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Mar 8, 2017 03:06PM)
Right...just had an email from lulu.com saying that the PDF files for Devil May Care are causing printing problems - this is due to lulu updating their software and that has created a conflict between the two...

soooooooooooo, for the time being, DMC is off market... will get round to fixing it at some point, but dunno when yet - got a lot of other stuff on at the moment...

Message: Posted by: John C (Mar 8, 2017 06:26PM)
It sits right next to my Life of musical genius Rev Gary Davis ... Say No To the Devil book.

Both great reads.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (May 9, 2017 05:30PM)
Ok, so...still not had time to fix this issue, and I've noticed a couple of people have been after it...

so - I will now be offering it as an ebook...

email/pp is

£15 (uk)

i'll be coding them and sending them manually, so please give me a day's grace (especially as I'm out on a date tomorrow night)

Message: Posted by: Last Laugh (Jun 22, 2017 12:16AM)
Just thought I'd add - in the year since I first read this book, reading gigs have become more frequent for me and I really see this book as being a bit of a turning point in my embracing them as a totally authentic thing, distinct and separate from mind reading.
Message: Posted by: PhilDean (Aug 14, 2017 11:37PM)
I actually prefer the ebook option so expect my payment tonight. Can't wait to read this one.
Message: Posted by: PhilDean (Aug 17, 2017 12:51AM)
Excellent read this one and I dare say essential for readers of any kind, especially ones who fancy themselves as psychology counselors. I particularly enjoyed Iain's take on tree reading as this has been one of my main interests for years. Do yourself a favor and give it a go.
Message: Posted by: rrubin98 (Aug 18, 2017 03:22PM)
I tried using my faux psychic powers to find this book online, but I failed. Is it still available? This link says it isn't:


What am I missing? I'd like to buy it.


Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 18, 2017 04:20PM)
Hi - yes, as I say above, its not available in printed format for the time being due to Lulu making some weird changes which has rendered the file I uploaded to be classed as 'corrupted'...so I've removed it...

and you only have to look a few posts up to see how to get it from me directly! :)
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Feb 24, 2018 04:57PM)
Right...this is now available again, but only as a PDF...

Message: Posted by: Nestor D (Feb 25, 2018 01:38PM)
I just finished reading it, I liked it (enough said, I am off to buy some envelopes).

Side note for IAIN : all uppercase 'G' seems to be missing from my edition of the pdf :o
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Feb 25, 2018 02:22PM)
I'll take a look, thanks...drop me a PM and I'll send you another copy
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Feb 25, 2018 02:22PM)
Include your email obviously
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Feb 25, 2018 02:30PM)
Hmmmm....not sure what is happening! just downloaded a copy via Lulu myself, and the capital Gs are there...
Message: Posted by: Nestor D (Feb 25, 2018 02:49PM)
I just sent something with further detail. It appears that the problem does not happen with all pdf readers.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Feb 25, 2018 03:18PM)
Yeah, it turns out that if you view a PDF with certain fonts in the Chrome browser, some characters may not appear correctly. However, the PDF you get is designed to be used with Adobe PDF reader and other similar PDF readers, rather than to be read via a browser. Which, if you google, seems to be quite a common problem...

but the PDF is fine and all Gs are there... :bigdance:
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Mar 24, 2019 04:46PM)
Ooooooooooooookay, I've re-issued this via Lulu again, purely as a PDF... and yes, the price has gone up, I've got beers to drink and I think its still great value for money considering what is in it - so there you go... and yes, I am biased...

Message: Posted by: Graymatter_Fireworks (Apr 20, 2019 03:06PM)
[quote]On Mar 24, 2019, IAIN wrote:
....and yes, the price has gone up, I've got beers to drink...

http://www.lulu.com/shop/iain-dunford/devil-may-care/ebook/product-23538854.html [/quote]

This quote alone deserves a purchase of this title. Thanks for the honesty and laugh Iain.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Apr 20, 2019 05:20PM)
I thank you in advance for the beer money...

seriously - no matter what angle you approach this weird thing that we do, there'll be something in it for you...