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Topic: Pendragon Foulard
Message: Posted by: DavidThomas (Aug 2, 2016 01:56PM)
Murphy's magic is selling the Pendragon Foulard that says it is usable for the Hour glass or split version. Does anyone know if this product has been produced by the Pendragons and is the appropriate fabric weight and construction for creating the effect?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Aug 2, 2016 07:18PM)
Murphy Magic is a wholesale only, they do not sell retail to my knowledge.

That is a picture of Charlotte Pendragon, she has been creating and selling magic products for several years now.

If I knew what the Hour Glass is, then I could comment.

This is the cloth the Pendragon's used in their Substitution trunk routine they use to do, it that fits your needs, then why wouldn't work.

Charlotte is reachable on her website, if you have questions.
Message: Posted by: DavidThomas (Aug 3, 2016 10:22AM)
Thanks Bill, I have reached out to Charlotte to ask the question. On the DVD the Pendragons have on the market, they go in detail about the foulard. They say the weight of cloth and velcro placement is very important. That they spent considerable time engineering the cloth to work perfectly.

Before I invested in the cloth, my reason for the question if if The Pendragons have been involved in the manufacturing and have their stamp of approval on the final unit. If so, I would order immediately. If the cloth is made by a manufacturer who has just seen the video and not gone through the exhaustive engineering to make sure it right, then I will go fabric selection and testing process on my own. The hour glass move is the original "move" the Pendragon's used until moved in the direction of the split version.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Aug 3, 2016 09:43PM)
Pendragon himself has addressed the story behind the cloth here on the Café. The splitting was someone else's as I recall, and he got permission to use that part. Then of course much work was put into the design. It was all to cut down the time it took for the reveal. I think it makes the illusion more exciting, powerful, and magical.

I am sure Charlotte will get back to you, others have said she responded to their questions.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Aug 5, 2016 03:47PM)
I have one she made. it's perfect and the split is given with performance rights.. I always ask both of them before I do anything they have done. Both Jon and Charlotte always like being asked first and will give permission 99% of the time.
Message: Posted by: freefallillusion1 (Aug 5, 2016 03:47PM)
Maybe I'm alone in this, but I do not believe that there is a "One-size-fits-all" metamorphosis cloth. Charlotte has advertised this for a while now, but... ask anyone who has performed the illusion and they'll tell you that the cloth can be a very individual thing for individual performers. Also, subtrunks aren't all created the same size, so will this cloth provide adequate cover for your trunk? I've built five variations of the subtrunk over the years and in order to get the best possible result, I made a custom cloth for each one of them. This cloth is advertised as ready to go "for everyone". I just don't think that such a blanket statement can be made here.
Message: Posted by: ricker (Aug 5, 2016 03:49PM)





Utilizing this metamorphosis foulard in your next performance will allow you to perform both the famous 'split' switch or the 'hour glass' switch. Easily, the best product of it's kind on the market today. Includes illustration instructions.
Message: Posted by: DavidThomas (Aug 6, 2016 07:36AM)
In the case of the Pendragons version this can be "one size fits all" Yes when doing a substitution effect with the standard surrounded hoop, the size can be critical to the trunk size. But when performing the effect with the open cloth the trunk size is not an issue in most cases. I currently perform a standard meta truck, Carlton's perplexel and our custom version of the airel with all the same cloth. When I found out the Pendragon's had a cloth on the market allowing the performance rights for the hour glass and split versions, I only wanted to make sure the Pendragons had been involved in the creation. The weight of cloth and the position of velcro is extremely important in the effect. I know that I could go through the process of figuring that out, but why take the time?

Charlotte has confirmed that they stand behind the product.

Message: Posted by: DavidThomas (Nov 5, 2016 06:18AM)
I received the foulard from Charlotte and it is wonderful. Perfectly designed. Here is a video of Erin and my performance. Thanks Charlotte and Jonathan for creating such great moment of magic. https://youtu.be/zR-HxD9xTYY