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Topic: 13 steps research question
Message: Posted by: JLHypnosis (Aug 6, 2016 03:59AM)
I am writing an article for a new mentalism magazine and I have a question: (been performing Hypnosis and mentalism in western canada for 10 years not I just don't post at the Café much.)

In corinda's step 9 mediumistic stunts 4th paragraph down he mentions that he has written a book that deals specifically with Mediumship for magicians andd for more comprehensive ideas to refer to that publication.

So the question is does anyone know the name of that publication or have one available for sale?

Thank you for your time and any insight you have.
Message: Posted by: Erik L. (Aug 6, 2016 09:39AM)
It was called Mediumship For Magicians. The bibliography on p. 279 also mentions it. I don't think the book exists. It's possible that it was something he meant to write/publish and just never did but that is entirely speculation.
Message: Posted by: JLHypnosis (Aug 7, 2016 12:00AM)
Thanks Erik, that is as far as I was able to get in my research as well.

Too bad it does not actually exist!