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Topic: Witches Almanac Returns
Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Aug 24, 2016 07:23PM)
Most of you already have this product...
I was a huge fan of the original and could not wait to see what Gemini Artifacts had done with it.
I unboxed it for you.


Message: Posted by: Terrormaster (Aug 24, 2016 07:34PM)
Thanks for the unboxing Eddie. I like the extra touch of the black wrapping. And looks like the left hand page pictures and the images on the cards were updated. They definitely look different than the one I bought from Outlaw. Not to mention I don't have a pocket on the back page for the cards - which from my understanding was supposed to be on the Outlaw version. Doesn't impact the effect and the spec never knows it was supposed to be there anyways.

Message: Posted by: the Sponge (Aug 24, 2016 07:59PM)
Gemini Effects wraps all their effects so you get the excitement of unwrapping. My Almanac has the pocket. Can't really tell any major difference, just cosmetic; the aging looks better/cleaner and the pictures do look sharper. Too bad they couldn't enlarge the font.

Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Aug 24, 2016 08:45PM)
The cards are in color now, too.
Message: Posted by: the Sponge (Aug 24, 2016 09:15PM)
[quote]On Aug 24, 2016, Tony Iacoviello wrote:
The cards are in color now, too. [/quote]

mine were in color, just faded.
Message: Posted by: Terrormaster (Aug 24, 2016 09:43PM)
Mine were in color as well. But these look much sharper and aged less. The cover isn't as aged either.
Message: Posted by: DocBenWiz (Aug 24, 2016 11:26PM)
Images and visual appearance is nice in this date, but I just have a thing against spiral bindings in any book that is presented as aged, so I will stick to my original with its binding.
Otherwise, I swear by all of Vic's usual productions and own several. Great customer service too, compared to where I used ro buy.
:sun: :thumbsup:
Message: Posted by: lin (Aug 25, 2016 12:08AM)
Spiral binding is period appropriate,


but I certainly understand your preferences. The original version was spiral bound, so perhaps you meant that you have the Outlaw hardbound version? I'd trade my spiral for hardback in a second :)


Thanks Eddie, I enjoyed the video!
Message: Posted by: pawel (Aug 25, 2016 02:25AM)
Waiting for Lebanon Circle to have it in stock soon.
Message: Posted by: DocBenWiz (Aug 26, 2016 12:40AM)
[quote]On Aug 24, 2016, lin wrote:
Spiral binding is period appropriate,


but I certainly understand your preferences. The original version was spiral bound, so perhaps you meant that you have the Outlaw hardbound version? I'd trade my spiral for hardback in a second :)

Yes, Lin, I meant that the original version I bought was the hardbound from OE. I know spiral bindings were around early (earlier, than most lay people would think, I imagine), but I prefer the handling and look of an aged hardbound book and some I have were (at least in my presentations or dated back stories) purported to be published before there was spiral bindings.

Enjoyed the video also!

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Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Aug 26, 2016 01:40AM)
Let us not forget this now classic bizarre prop was also created by the brilliant Dr. Bill Cushman!
Raise a glass!
Message: Posted by: lin (Aug 26, 2016 11:08AM)
Hear! Hear!
Message: Posted by: PROF BC (Aug 26, 2016 03:02PM)
Mine arrived today, and it is quite lovely. The pocket in the back is very handy for keeping everything together, and the printing is sharp and crisp. All in all, a clean and delightful re-release. Celebrate!

Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Aug 26, 2016 08:16PM)
As a Creative Director in a graphic design firm I'm fascinated by the spiral binding verses case binding (hardbound) books discussion. I guess it ultimately comes down to presentation and personal taste, but here is what I've come to learn...

Spiral binding is relatively modern in the printing/binding world, and may have come about as industry and technology grew (i.e. technical manuals) and there was a desire for a book that lay flat and stayed open while a user could read and "do" at the same time. Traditionally bound books as we all know, do not offer this option unless one breaks the binding. Spiral binding offers a sound binding system that not only keeps the book flat, but also allows the user to turn the read pages around and to the back of the publication, so the book can be used with one hand. Another advantage in a new era of manufacturing where folks adapted to multitasking (which has probably been around for a long, long time).

So...in our special magic world, at least for me...spiral bound books make perfect sense in books found in an "asylum," or other institutions where journals were tools and nothing more. They needn't have been pretty. But here's where I'm stumped. If this Almanac did exist, and was published...even in a very limited quantity by a secreted few...what binding would our Witch friends have chosen? I think spiral binding. It is less expensive now (and maybe was then too...I don't know), but it is and was, certainly more usable in a "workshop" setting. And by workshop I mean a Witches' Sabbat. I am claiming ignorance here, so please help me out...
Message: Posted by: steven-gibson (Aug 27, 2016 08:02AM)
Love this release and hopefully will be available at ECSS III? I have the original and am very fond of it. However the images are weird. I tried to find my copy to look at, but it is at the moment being illusive. I recall lots of mason jars, riffles, and spools I think. Are these images also in the new release? The less aged cards are a big improvement in my humble opinion. Mine are difficult for the spec to read and a crucial part of the effect. Bravo Vic!
Message: Posted by: 61magic (Aug 27, 2016 10:37AM)
I have an original I considered so so, the new one to me looks much better. I did change the binding on my version as I didn't think the metal spiral looked correct.
I pick up some cord from a craft store and laced it through the holes in a double stitch pattern. Both ends of the cord end up at the bottom of the book, I left them a bit long.
To give the binding a more old word feeling I used sealing wax and an embosser similar to sealing an envelope.
Kind of hard to describe written but you should get the general idea, I feel this has a more hand made look than something modern and mass produced.
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Aug 27, 2016 12:14PM)
Great thinking 61.
Message: Posted by: Sean Xem (Aug 27, 2016 03:00PM)
Just ordered this. I agree that the aging on this new version is superior.

Looks fantastic and even the aging on the cards looks great. Back pocket will come in quite handy too.
Message: Posted by: Yogi2x4 (Aug 29, 2016 08:17PM)
I don't recognize the pictures in this version as I did with the original.
May I ask where they are from or who made them?
Message: Posted by: Vic Nadata (Aug 30, 2016 07:54AM)
This version should be the exact same one that you currently have. Nothing has been modified by me, other than the aging, the tarot card stock and the upgraded paper.
Message: Posted by: Winks (Aug 30, 2016 11:19AM)
I am confused somewhat. Which should not surprise those who know me. I have a hard cover Dekranon with a sleeve and five excellently faded Tarot cards. The ageing of the cover and the pages is some of the best I've seen. I've had it for some time. This is the same thing, correct?
Message: Posted by: Vic Nadata (Aug 30, 2016 11:23AM)
It is winks. No need to buy again. My aging and card stock and paper stock are different, but it is the same effect you own.
Message: Posted by: Yogi2x4 (Aug 30, 2016 11:26AM)
Thank you.

The unboxing must have just showed the images I had not seen yet (not an owner.)
Message: Posted by: Grasshop34 (Oct 2, 2016 07:22PM)
Anyone know where I can buy the witches almanac?
Message: Posted by: Vic Nadata (Oct 3, 2016 09:36AM)
The W.A. will soon be back in stock. I think I will have some later in the week.
Message: Posted by: Sir (Oct 3, 2016 11:49AM)
I wish there were more videos out there like this. I don't need to see any of the inner workings, just a glimpse at the craftsmanship is really nice. Thanks for sharing!
Message: Posted by: Eddie Garland (Oct 3, 2016 01:54PM)
Gemini Artifacts has great craftsmanship.
They also tend not to take your money before your purchase even exists.
They deliver on time.
Message: Posted by: PROF BC (Oct 3, 2016 02:21PM)
I want to second what Eddie Garland says. The only thing two-faced about Gemini Artifacts is its wonderful logo. Everything else is above-board and entirely trustworthy (not to mention A+ craftsmanship and customer service). Vic Nadata and Gemini Artifacts are golden.

Message: Posted by: Merlinsmagic (Oct 3, 2016 02:54PM)
I beg to differ with you Prof.....GA / Vic - craftsmanship, customer service, etc are platinum !!
As are you too good Prof !!
Message: Posted by: Vic Nadata (Oct 9, 2016 02:59PM)
Thank you all very much.

There are a few WA available now at the GA site. Lebanon will be getting a small shipment too in the next week or so for my European friends.
Message: Posted by: dorian_faust (Oct 10, 2016 11:28AM)
I just got the email, and they're sold out again! These go out fast. Maybe next time . . .
Message: Posted by: Vic Nadata (Oct 10, 2016 01:39PM)
I just put a few more on the website for sale if anyone is interested. That will be it till after Halloween.
Message: Posted by: afinemesh (Oct 10, 2016 04:08PM)
Will you be making more after Halloween?
Message: Posted by: Vic Nadata (Oct 10, 2016 04:49PM)
[quote]On Oct 10, 2016, afinemesh wrote:
Will you be making more after Halloween? [/quote]

For sure.
Message: Posted by: salcioppa (Oct 13, 2016 12:56PM)
Just received my new Witches Almanac from Vic at Gemini Artifacts. All I can say is SUPERB! I have an older one and this one is greatly improved in almost every way. The pages are flat and aged perfectly. The type and pictures are easier to read. And the Tarot cards are WAY improved over the older version. This is an amazing piece of art as well as a mind crunching aid for doing readings and frying peoples brains. As always, Vic has done a great job. And no one packs and presents an order quite like Vic does! If you don't have a Witches Almanac, or even if you do and would like to update your copy and own a spare, I highly recommend this, and I don't recommend much.
Message: Posted by: Vic Nadata (Nov 27, 2016 01:22PM)
I have a few in stock now at Gemini.😊
Message: Posted by: art85y (Mar 14, 2018 05:19AM)
W.A (which I do not own) reminds me of Becker's 'reflect-a-thot'
Message: Posted by: steven-gibson (Mar 14, 2018 03:35PM)
Are the illustrations in the new witches Almanac different? I have an old version and it has lots of pictures of things like mason jars, spools, and guns. Are those still there?
Message: Posted by: DrTodd (Apr 2, 2018 01:23AM)
[quote]On Mar 14, 2018, art85y wrote:
W.A (which I do not own) reminds me of Becker's 'reflect-a-thot' [/quote]

Correct and with permission.
Message: Posted by: dorian_faust (Apr 3, 2018 08:58PM)
I love the Witches Almanac very much; however, I do have the tiniest of nitpicks. When you present this book to spectators you do so saying it's a historical artifact, yet many of the images in the book are a bit pixelated and you can tell that they were taken from a computer. I say it's a tiny nitpick because I notice it, but I am pretty sure most spectators won't notice it. Ultimately, I still do love this product and effect.
Message: Posted by: Brynmore14 (Apr 4, 2018 03:24AM)
I have the same issue re the pictures.
Message: Posted by: 252life (Apr 11, 2018 07:08PM)
I've been using WA for years now and love it.
I still use my original, but ordered a spare from Vic.
It's very well done, but needs to be broken in a bit imo.
The little card pocket is a nice subtly, and keeps the cards from being easily lost.
Message: Posted by: John Nesbit (Apr 19, 2018 11:11AM)
I was one of the contributors to the original text when it first came out many years ago. Enjoyed it much.
Message: Posted by: Schaff (Apr 19, 2018 04:23PM)
I’m with you on the upscaled pictures— actually, a text like that doesn’t require pics all and I’d like it better without any.

Also, not real big on plastering the name we all use here across the front... the hardbackers corrected that a bit tho.
Message: Posted by: dorian_faust (Jun 3, 2018 05:36PM)
I was looking through the Gemini Artifacts website for the millionth time, wishing I could afford everything on it, when I noticed something. The site’s listing for The Witches Almanac has its “real” name of the D***r***m. A little nervous a spectator might decide to Google the book’s title and stumble across it
Message: Posted by: dorian_faust (Jun 3, 2018 05:38PM)
Oh dear, I just noticed that there are also a LOT of threads on this site that use the word as well; one of them even in the title for the thread
Message: Posted by: afinemesh (Jun 3, 2018 11:16PM)
So what?
Message: Posted by: dorian_faust (Jun 3, 2018 11:54PM)
[quote]On Jun 3, 2018, afinemesh wrote:
So what? [/quote]

I mean, isn’t that why people write Luna instead of the name of the asylum, or PHotO and whatnot for the Dopps books so we can pass it off as a real Artifacts rather than as a magic prop?
Message: Posted by: afinemesh (Jun 4, 2018 01:36AM)
I've performed the witches almanac 100's of times and everyone thinks it's either a real book or they don't care.

It's not the end of the world if someone doesn't buy your act.

Be cool and have fun. . .
Message: Posted by: ManxBull (Jun 4, 2018 05:55AM)
We're entertainers, or at least that's how I present myself. Everyone who comes to see me knows that they're attending a spooky, fun entertainment.

We use realistic props for the same reason that a movie director uses period props and costumes: to enhance the experience and immerse the audience in the fiction. But they (hopefully) are entertained, enjoy a shiver and the occasional laugh, then go home. And if someone else has the same book ... well, the TARDIS isn't real either, but you can believe in it and enjoy it while you watch your TV.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Jun 4, 2018 07:11PM)
Wait a second ManxBull, the TARDIS isn't real?
Message: Posted by: Jarche (Jun 19, 2019 08:35PM)
Is the old black-cover version still available anywhere? While the new red cover look is snazzy, it looks less like something you'd pick up at a used book store, which is what I'm going for. Thanks.