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Topic: Vincent Finucane passed away
Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (Sep 2, 2016 12:03PM)
Those of us in Ireland, and many in the UK (some further afield) will have come across the affable gentleman Vincent Finucane. A businessman in Limerick city, he loved magic, and in the late seventies was one of the founding members of the Munster Society of Magicians. For a number of years it was the best and most active magic society in the country, bringing in huge names for our annual conventions. Names such as Harry Blackstone Junior, Paul Daniels, Falkenstein and Willard, Otto Weseley, Hans Moretti, Geoffrey Durham, etc, came to perform, and most of the notable names in close-up came as lecturers. They were great days, that inspired many of us into the profession.

And at the heart of it all was Vincent Finucane. He was one of the chief organisers and chief fund-raisers, and he was the friendly face of the club as well. He was not the only one working behind the scenes, but we all know without him it would have been so much more of a struggle.

He loved magic in all its forms, and practiced right up to his death. He performed charity shows in his spare time. Then he retired from his business (electrical retailer) and devoted himself more to the mystic arts, performing regularly as a semi-pro with kids parties and other events. He loved those, and was very popular.

Sadly his health has been declining in recent times, but he was able to perform briefly at charity events over the summer. He passed away last week, and was buried on Monday. His good friend - and great magician - Paddy Ward (The Great Padini) performed the breaking of the wand ceremony.