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Topic: Why A New Deck of ESP Cards?
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Oct 12, 2016 02:02PM)
For some time, I was in need of an ESP deck that looked more authentic than most of the cards on the market, and could be easily read without requiring a full-back view.

Not finding what I needed, I designed my own.

Maybe I'm a market of one; I don't know. But I'll soon find out, because my new cards have been officially released, along with an original stand-up routine of mine: the Hands-Off Multiple ESP (HOME) system.

Got a minute and a half? Take a peek at the promo video here:

And please feel free to drop me a note with any questions.

Message: Posted by: Caveman (Oct 12, 2016 08:24PM)
They look really nice, I look forward to getting a set!
Message: Posted by: Sven Rygh (Nov 1, 2016 02:37PM)
I just received my cards this morning

They are as good and applicable as the add claims, - and some more.

Well done, I highly recommend them!
Message: Posted by: magicinsight (Dec 27, 2017 10:39PM)
I received my Hands Off ESP cards today. They are the best Marked ESP cards taht I have purhcased to date. I wear glasses, but these markings are very easy to see, but are cleverly hidden from the specatators' observations and the marking system brilliantly flow within the simple yet practical bac kdesign. Not only are you able to instantly and easily determine the ESP design but also the color of the design. In addition, the card design allows you to use them in as one way deck as well. The pdf downloadable instructions are very well written and cover several terrific, professional routines. I highly recommend these marekd ESP cards.

Message: Posted by: Last Laugh (Dec 28, 2017 12:38AM)
I picked these up recently too, and I agree. They are very nice. I can definitely believe that these are something from an old ESP testing lab. It's a nice touch to have a back design that doesn't evoke playing cards. And yes, the function is well done and easy to use...
Message: Posted by: Recoplon (Dec 28, 2017 01:47AM)
Does this include any gaffs (DB's or DF's)?
Message: Posted by: Magic NAO (Dec 28, 2017 10:16AM)
Can only agree, excellent deck!
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Dec 29, 2017 12:51AM)
[quote]On Dec 28, 2017, Recoplon wrote:
Does this include any gaffs (DB's or DF's)? [/quote]

Yes, one of each.
Message: Posted by: sujetom (Apr 21, 2021 05:24AM)
Is this deck made 100% plastic? (If I buy it from penguin)

I was thinking on buying it; but in the promo video I just saw the markings, like they seem too obvious and I think I wouldn´t be confident enough using a marking that I've spotted right away. I would be happy to change my mind.
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Apr 21, 2021 07:41AM)
Hi Sujetom,

It is printed on high-quality playing card stock.

Regarding the use of marked cards: not matter how tiny the marks, if your audience merely suspects you're using marked cards, the game is over. This system eliminates any need to study the cards or handle them suspiciously -- and even enable you to spot their identities from a fan, spread, or in a participant's hands, under low light, and with less-than-young eyes -- so you are much better able to use them deceptively than cards with harder-to-see marks.

Your participants won't see any marks, because you'll give them no reason to look for them.

When you have at least 50 posts, you'll be able to read the several pages of positive postings from the community in Inner Thoughts:

Until then, here are a few excerpts:

"Definitely a must-have for the paranormal performer."
Philemon Vanderbeck

"These cards are great! ... The position of the tells provides additional flexibility. I am replacing the other cards I used with these."

"I've had this deck for 3-4 months I believe. I think this is truly one of the best if not the best ESP Marking system out there!"
Justin Lewis

"A good set of marked cards is an investment in your business. I own a number of decks but I only use two and Neil's is one of them. This is a superb system."
David Thiel

And finally, Genii Magazine:
"The quality and design far exceed any ESP Cards on the market."