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Topic: Better ring escape trick?
Message: Posted by: rcad (Mar 24, 2004 12:02AM)
I'm searching for a good ring escape from rope trick.

My ring is about 2 inches in diameter and has to remain this way to fit my script; so it is neither a piece of jewelery nor a linking rings kind of ring or craft store ring. As a matter of fact, I bought this ring in a hardware store in the "hooks & stuff" department. In my scenario, it is supposed to have come from an old sailing boat.

I'd like to clearly display that the ring is well attached to the middle of the rope and, if at all possible, get it off quickly without the use of a handkerchief; my hands should provide cover. I would rather not use gimmicked rope since I'd like to have two volunteers hold the ends of the rope. Can it be done?

The only trick I know that uses such a ring and still has to be covered with a handkerchief for the removal is "Wholesale ring removal" in "Abbott's encyclopedia of rope tricks for magicians". Problem is, half the people I show it to figure out immediately how the ring was removed. Not very useful for a cursed and haunted boat ring :(

Where should I look? Or am I dreaming?


Okay, okay... I can hold the rope and/or the ring can be covered with a handkerchief... And at this point, I can even use gimmicked items.

I hope this added flexibility will attract suggestions a little more... I am not looking for a secret BTW, if you know of a similar effect, please just let me know where I can find it (in a book, a dvd, as a single trick, etc.). Or is this unethical? I would think not but then again, I could be wrong...

Or should have I posted this question in another section?

Message: Posted by: Julie (May 14, 2004 12:56AM)
How about using a reel and handling just like the "penetrating silk"?
Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (May 17, 2004 01:04PM)
This would satisfy your original requirements:

A 2 1/2 ring would allow you to do the standard ring off rope business, wherein you tie the ring onto the rope in a knot, grasp the knotted ring and then have a spectator tie the rope around your wrist.. You would need the knotloop to stay wide open, but this would allow you to clearly show the ring actually hanging on the rope inside the knot...to get the rope to stay in a wide open knot, use thick 1/4" sissel, which would look close enough to boat-rope to satisfy your premise and be stiff enough to do the proper job for you..

I'm beating my brains trying to think of the pamphlet the ring off rope comes from...the guy who invented Matrix, I believe. Anybody help? You could do this one without the hank, and still easily steal it off in the tying of the rope around your wrist by a spectator.