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Topic: Penguin Music? (Tarbell lessons)
Message: Posted by: KristoBall (Oct 26, 2016 05:47PM)
Not sure the best place to post this, but I'd love to find out - what is the music used in the background of Penguin's Tarbell lessons with Dan Harlan - does anybody know? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: DanHarlan (Oct 27, 2016 12:45PM)
I'm checking with my editor, Nick Locapo, and I'll get back to you with an answer!
Message: Posted by: DanHarlan (Oct 29, 2016 12:14PM)
Okay, here's the info:
The name of the song is "Pure Emotion" and it's from the Getty Images website.
Message: Posted by: KristoBall (Oct 30, 2016 01:01PM)
Dan this is awesome! thanks so much for seeing my post and taking time to find the answer. much obliged.
Message: Posted by: debjit (Aug 14, 2018 02:31PM)
Haha I wanted to know it too! Thanks Dan :D