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Topic: Phone number
Message: Posted by: Teronix (Nov 18, 2016 03:25PM)
This year I did a great effect.

I met a stranger on a birthdayparty from a friend.
She should write down any number. I wanted to get this number.
Got it wrong. Instead got her phone number.

Two years before she did a prank call on me. Never met her berfor.
Before going to the party, I learned the number.

It was the most amazing reaction I have ever gotten.
Is there any way to recreate this effect, besides knowing it preshow?
Which books/ videos should I buy to do this again?
Message: Posted by: david12345 (Nov 20, 2016 07:07AM)
Message: Posted by: Cervier (Nov 20, 2016 08:08AM)
[quote]On Nov 20, 2016, david12345 wrote:
Whitepages.com [/quote]
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