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Topic: My Vanishing Posts?
Message: Posted by: Danny Diamond (Mar 25, 2004 11:53AM)
I noticed my number of posts dropped by at least two since yesterday. At first I thought I was imagining it, but then I went into the Pick a Card Forum and I was unable to locate a post I started yesterday. The post was called Elmsely Effects. Was this deleted because someone felt it was exposing or something? I am just curious. I have a good record here, (I think) and I don't ever expose intentionally, nor do I inquire about secrets. That's not the type of person I am. Anyway, I am just curious what the reasoning is behind my post vanishing. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: EVILDAN (Mar 25, 2004 12:01PM)
Careful - Magic Café Big Brother is watching you.
Message: Posted by: Danny Diamond (Mar 25, 2004 12:07PM)
They can watch all they want, I love the Café. I just was unsure of why my post was deleted.
Message: Posted by: EVILDAN (Mar 25, 2004 12:48PM)
I don't know. I had 10 posts the other day. Looked at my posts, saw only 9 listed and then I posted here and it's still at 10.

Maybe I should have paid more attention in algebra class.
Message: Posted by: R2 (Mar 25, 2004 12:51PM)
I'll do my best to track an answer down for you?
Please keep in mind that during the night something might be added to your thread topic and then it is moved into an area where we can edit or delete the post and then returned from whence it came as soon as time permits.

If there is something you posted which violates something here more often than not you will be pm'd.
Message: Posted by: Danny Diamond (Mar 25, 2004 01:46PM)
OK, any help you can give would be appreciated. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Mar 25, 2004 02:38PM)
Danny, you're posts may not have been deleted, they may have been added together, If you read our rules we sate in them that if you have back to back posts they will be added together to make one post and conserve on bandwidth. This may have happened months ago and we just now got to that area and found them. Duplicate posts also may have just been found and one deleted.

While we are constantly looking at the posts to make sure that these things are taken care of in a timely manner the sheer size of the Café and the amount of posts made daily makes this a very time consuming task and as such it is not always done as quickly as we would like.

Another reason that your post may have disappeared is if you posted to someone I've pm'd you or check your pm's these are also deleted. While we will leave them up for awhile in order for the member you have said this to to see it, these posts will not be left up for months, again we're trying to conserve bandwidth.

If you can give us more information then... I've lost one post tell me why... we have over 456667 posts and while it is only one to you it is still one of 456667 to us. I'm sure you can imagine trying to find one in that number and keep in mind that number is growing continuously.

Again we would like to help but we do need more information, do you know what area your post was in? What was the heading? Who had posted in it? Any of this information will help us to better help you.

Mya :D
Message: Posted by: Danny Diamond (Mar 25, 2004 03:06PM)
Thanks for the response Mya.

If you look up to my my first message in this topic, I said my post was in the Pick a Card section, and the name of the post was Elmsley Effects. I just posted it yesterday, and it wasn't a back to back post. I thought the moderators might have interpreted it as exposing, but I can't really see how that would be the case, because I was looking for information of effects using the Elmsley Count and what books I could learn them from.

Anyway, it's not a big deal, I was just curious what the reason was. I know you guys have a lot to deal with and I don't want to be difficult. So if you don't have time to find out what happened with my post, I understand, it's ok. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Mar 25, 2004 03:34PM)
Danny, I do want to help and I am trying to. I just wanted you to know why it may seem that we are not as quick as may be expected and that we need as much information as you can give us. I did read your initial post as well as the one following. While you have told me what forum it was in and what the title was, if there was any more information you could give it would help. Sometimes, posts are moved to another forum, therefore if you were to only give me what the header was about and not the actual name it would not help as much. I will look into this and see what I can find out.

Mya :)
Message: Posted by: Danny Diamond (Mar 26, 2004 08:32AM)
OK, I will try to be as detailed as possible pertaining to my vanished post, but just so you know Mya, I wasn't being sarcastic or anything, it's honestly not a big deal. There are certainly more important issues to deal with than one members missing post. Anyway, here are the details of what I posted...

Under the Pick a Card...Any Card forum, I posted a topic called Elmsley Effects. I asked the following question: I am curious if there are a lot of effects that use the Elmsley Count as the only sleight, and also do not use gaffed cards.

I had about 8 or 9 responses, last I checked. Some suggesting Twisted Sisters, some suggesting Vernon's Variant. If someone posted something as a response, that was deemed as exposing, the whole topic wouldn't be deleted, would it?

Anyway, that's about all I can remember, but again, don't waste too much time on it. It's no big deal. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Mar 26, 2004 11:29AM)
If someone started flaming in your post the usual response from the moderators would be to remove the thread from the forum to a place we call the cooler, it a place off of the main forums where threads can be reviewed. The reason that it is moved is that sometimes we don't always have a chance to review a thread as soon as it's reported. After it has been reviewed it should be returned to the forum it was taken from. If however, the thread was moved to a different forum, say there was exposure it should have a moved sign directing you to where your thread is now located ie... Secret Sessions, etc.. sometimes the moved sign may not appear, as we have the option to put up the moved sign or not and sometimes due to human error it may not have been marked.

Your thread is important to us and I am still trying to find out what happened to it.

Mya :D