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Topic: Moment's Notice 10 Out Now!
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Dec 3, 2016 01:17PM)
Hey, guys! For those who are familiar with my Monent's Notice series, the latest installment is out now. For those of you who don't know about it, Moment's Notice is a series of PDFs containing completely impromomptu card material. This latest ebook is photo illustrated and has links to video demos of all six effects. Won't post a link as it's against Café rules for me to do so. But someone else can below. :)

Here are two of the effects:

Message: Posted by: JoelDickinson (Dec 4, 2016 05:19AM)
They are neat little effects. Very effective, really good.
Thanks for sharing.


Message: Posted by: mike donoghue (Dec 4, 2016 07:53AM)
You can't go wrong with Mr Francis.

I bought this without even watching the performances or reading the effects.

Another great pdf Cameron.

Mike Donoghue
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Dec 4, 2016 12:13PM)
Thanks, guys! Really appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Dec 5, 2016 11:07AM)
FYI, it's on sale for a limited time.
Message: Posted by: MadisonH (Dec 5, 2016 03:03PM)
I've just read through this and it is the typical Cameron thinking we all know and love. There is a parictucarly interesting ace assembly (Precursor) only using the aces and three other cards which I love!

Divided is a great effect as well. Streamlined sandwich isn't my favorite. I think it's lacking a little in my opinion. One does over at my behest is a very fun cards across which I think will certainly fool. Straight time definitely has some Paul Harris thinking within. I prefer Paul's effect to this one, but still not bad considering how little work is required. Roil and Queens is a very nice oil and water-ish effect which ends with a stunning revelation of queens. I prefer Roy Walton's version which can be found on impromptu packet tricks from Aldo Columbini. I think the first couple of phases of this are a bit out of place, but I assume presentation can help that.

All in all, it's a great release. Cameron provides a demo of each effect which really helped me understand the flow the routines are supposed to have. Great work as always Cameron!
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Dec 5, 2016 11:55PM)
Thanks for the review! Regarding Roil and Queens, I'm curious why you found the first two phases out of place. The idea is that it starts off as a transpo between king and indiffent cards. At the end it is revealed that the Kings needed the help of the Queens to pull off the magic. Has an Oil and Queens surprise ending (hence the title). Since the ending is supposed to be a surprise, I'm not sure how the first two phases can be considered out of place. But maybe my perspective is too biased. :)
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Dec 7, 2016 11:46AM)
Thank you so much for all the orders! The sale has been extended till Friday!
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Dec 8, 2016 06:57PM)
I'm getting a lot of good feedback on this one, which I'm very happy about. I honestly didn't think this trick would be a lot of people's cup of tea, but, of course, I like it so it was included. Glad others like it, too!

Message: Posted by: j100taylor (Dec 11, 2016 03:27PM)
I have all 10 of this great series. I love the ace routine. Also the inversion/triumph routine is so easy but very hard hitting. So that's two right there that I will be using strait away. There are a couple of others that captured my interest also. Another very good installment - keep then coming!