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Topic: Looking for an effect
Message: Posted by: Skitch (Jul 3, 2002 05:12PM)
I was looking over some Bizarre Magic effects on here and they seem amazing. I don't like when they get to the darker side but to each its own. Anyway, I am looking for a Bizarre effect no sleight hand that will have a story and effect that will leave the SPEC speechless. Can someone give me some ideas please?
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Jul 3, 2002 06:59PM)
Check out the Bizarre Bazaar column by Peter Marucci (hey! that's me!) on the e-zine Visions (www.online-visions.com)
Not only do I have several routines there that use no sleight of hand but also, if the dark side bothers you, a couple of comedy bizarre routines (if you can imagine!).
Peter Marucci
Message: Posted by: CENDRE (Jul 4, 2002 03:05AM)
And you can take a look at
It's the Gene Poinc website where you will find dozens of ideas.

If you can't log to this address, then you will probably have to register to the Learned Pig Project, another very good website where you will also found very good things.

Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jul 4, 2002 05:58PM)
Hi skitch...
If you are looking for "something special"...then look no more...

Having talked about the presence of spirits, the mentalist proves the phenomenon by the spectator receiving ghostly taps whilst the performer stands at the other side of the room and taps another. That's right, the seated spectator actually feels two solid taps although no-one is near him, proving beyond all doubt spirit's exist!

A Steve (Banachek) Shaw classic...(a member of this site).

I have no commercial interest in this effect, or indeed have the privilege of knowing him, but I can tell you, it is money WELL spent!

As used by a UK leading tv mentalist Derren Brown...and of course Steve Shaw himself!

Check steve shaw's site at:

- kind regards, wulfie
Message: Posted by: Darmoe (Jul 5, 2002 09:59AM)
PK Touches is excellent... but you need Luke Jermay's follow-up in order to make it KILLER!

I started doing this bit a few months ago and, like just about everything of Steve's I've done... it's one of those things that leaves people speachless.

As the opening to a "stage act" or something, I don't recommend it however... I'd lean more along the lines of some of Peter's, Ed Solomon or Gene Poinc's material.

Another cool bit, if you are doing a Reading type demo... is a Jim Magus routine in which a Rune stone ends up bleeding all over the specs hand... forget the name of it, but it is a very cool "ghost story" type bit.
Message: Posted by: woodmaven (Jul 21, 2002 06:48PM)
The PK touch effect sounds killer and I'm going to order it. Where can I find out more about Luke Jermay's follow-on to this. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with it.

- Britt
Message: Posted by: Skitch (Jul 21, 2002 08:58PM)
Can this be done close up or only on stage?
Message: Posted by: christopher carter (Jul 21, 2002 11:32PM)
On 2002-07-05 10:59, Darmoe wrote:
PK Touches is excellent... but you need Luke Jermay's follow-up in order to make it KILLER!

I, too, like PK Touches. Is Luke Jermay's follow up commercially avaiable? If so, where? Luke seems to be a very clever guy.

--Christopher Carter
Message: Posted by: Skitch (Jul 22, 2002 10:11AM)
Again, this PK Touches can it be done close up?
Message: Posted by: christopher carter (Jul 22, 2002 10:39AM)
Probably not for your purposes, Skitch, since it requires some movement between one spectator and another.

--Christopher Carter
Message: Posted by: Skitch (Jul 22, 2002 10:42AM)
Oh, okay thanks
Message: Posted by: Luke Kerr (Aug 19, 2002 04:23PM)
On 2002-07-22 11:11, Skitch wrote:
Again, this PK Touches can it be done close up?

It needs you to set up the position of the spectator that feel the touch.So you can't do it if you have pre-sitted people.
Message: Posted by: pradip_rao (Sep 19, 2002 04:12AM)
I have just gone through this old thread, and am intrigued by the reference to Luke Jermay's follow-up to Psychokinetic Touches. Would somebody care to describe Luke Jermay's effect.

Thanks in advance!
Message: Posted by: Steve Hook (Oct 3, 2002 08:38PM)
Any info on Luke's effect?

Steve H :donut5:
Message: Posted by: dave_cane (Nov 5, 2002 11:43AM)
HI, I am thinking of purchasing Psychokinetic touches and I was wondering...
Does it actually require to spectators taking part or is it possible to do it with less (or more) people involved? :question:
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Nov 5, 2002 12:25PM)
Yes, you need a minimum of two people.

And a small audience is preferred.

Message: Posted by: dave_cane (Nov 6, 2002 01:11PM)
:magicrabbit: Ok thanks!
Message: Posted by: bigplumbz (Nov 6, 2002 04:16PM)
Lukes adaption is really cool...a definate if you are going to perform PK TOUCHES. Basically the same effect but the other person feels taps on their foot....even more bizzarre as you "obviously" never tap them... ;) Another version which I tend to use now aswell is cose up aswell. Only 1 spec, they feel taps on their hand though everyone aggrees that you never touhed the hand, youjust make tapping gestures above it. I think this was also performed on Derren Browns latest series if my sources are correct! lol.
Message: Posted by: tropicalpenguin (Nov 10, 2002 04:51PM)
On peter Marucci's post, there is some really awesome stuff at Visions. There is one really fun one that uses a voodoo motif with a deck of cards. it's at online-visions.com
Message: Posted by: FrankStone (Nov 10, 2002 09:29PM)
Thanks Tropicalpenquin that is my effect "Voodoo Boy". It is very easy to do and requires almost no sleight of hand if you can riffle cards you can do it.
Message: Posted by: Ramsay (Oct 27, 2003 09:23AM)
My work on PK Touchs also appears in my fourthcoming book Building Blocks wrapped up neatly in a routine in which a spectator becomes the victim of voodoo.....ohhhhhhhhh spooky....

Luke Jermay.
Message: Posted by: rcad (Oct 29, 2003 08:54PM)

Unfortunately, I've heard that this site (http://thelearnedpig.com.pa) was no longer attented. I tried to get a password twice and got no reply...

Message: Posted by: Walon (Oct 30, 2003 11:56PM)
On 2003-10-29 21:54, rcad wrote:

Unfortunately, I've heard that this site (http://thelearnedpig.com.pa) was no longer attented. I tried to get a password twice and got no reply...


I'm not sure where Marko's got himself off to, but I've had email to him for the past couple of months and have gotten no response.