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Topic: Please tell me the creator of this magic using 2 corks.
Message: Posted by: mrssmith (Jan 18, 2017 04:23AM)
Please tell me the creator of this magic using 2 corks.


When and where did it first appear?

If anybody knows, please tell me.

Best Reagards.
Message: Posted by: Escamoteur (Jan 18, 2017 04:23PM)

This is going back many many years ago (early 80's), so I may be wrong, but if my memory is correct, I learned this while in 4th grade from a book titled Sneaky Feats, and used chapstick containers. I do not have that text anymore, but perhaps someone else here does, and can see if it sites the creator. It may have been from a different book in the magic section of the library, but I really want to say it was this one.

Hope this is helpful.

Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jan 18, 2017 06:32PM)
It's an old "after dinner" trick! The corks were readily available! It was "ancient" when I was a kid (that's ancient history!). Try some of the old books that were written for kids and amateur magicians. (books like Bill Severn wrote for Cub Scouts)
Message: Posted by: mrssmith (Jan 19, 2017 10:43PM)
Hi, guys. Thank you for answering my question. But I need more specific book and creator. If anybody knows, please answer.
Message: Posted by: Escamoteur (Jan 22, 2017 01:18AM)
Mr. Oslund, you evoked quite a flashback with the mention of Bill Severn. I have fond memories of time spent in the library after school pouring over his books. As both of my parents were teachers, I often was camped out there waiting at the end of every day.

Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jan 22, 2017 06:55AM)
Hi Carter!

Yes! The late Bill Severn wrote a series of columns in "BOYS LIFE" magazine for the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA. I don't recall the title of his column. It was written for young Scouts, who were involved with helping Den Mothers produce a good Den Meeting. The Den Chiefs could perform the tricks for the Cubs. (I remember, 'cuz I've been a Scouter for going on 73 years.) IIRC, the columns were later printed in little books.

Bill adapted old basic principles to familiar items that a 12 year old Boy Scout could use to do tricks for Cub Scouts (ages 7-10+).

How fortunate you were! (To be held "prisoner" in a library with some magic books by Bill!)

I remember Alexander the Magician's "The Magic Show Book" and, Joseph Leeming's "Fun With Magic". I used several tricks from those books in my first shows in 1945.

Years later, I attended two Boy Scout National Jamborees in '81 and '85, as the BOYS LIFE MAGICIAN. I used magic tricks to "sell" the magazine at Fort A.P. Hill, in Virginia. (HOT, DUSTY in July!) It was much like my teen age experience, working in a carnival side show!
Message: Posted by: RiffRaff (Mar 3, 2017 08:21AM)
I believe that it's also in the Schulien book.