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Topic: On February 18, the March Issue of Genii Goes Live Online
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Feb 13, 2017 06:20PM)
There seems to be a recent outbreak of good magicians performing one-man shows. We’ve covered several of these recently and will do more in the coming months. This issue we focus on Steve Valentine’s Life and Other Deceptions, which started its Los Angeles run in December and has just extended with dates in late February (you can purchase tickets at http://stevevalentinelive.com/). It’s an autobiographical show with magic in the mix, and as you read the article you can’t help but be swept up by Valentine’s enthusiasm for the show. Chris Philpott, who worked on the script with Steve, pens the article. Steve likes vintage props and methods, something he has in common with Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz, whose own show The Rosenkranz Mysteries (in Chicago), began its run in December and has also been extended into February. Dr. Rosenkranz also uses many vintage props, but while Steve is an experienced actor and magician, Dr. Rosencrantz is a full-time medical professional whose hobby of magic has blossomed into a full-blown show. It is also somewhat autobiographical, written with Eugene Burger. As much as both shows have in common, they are equally different. Danny Orleans takes us behind the scenes of The Rosenkranz Mysteries.

Our columns this month include Mike Caveney’s “Classic Correspondence” (Alexander Herrmann fans take note), John Bannon’s “Dealing with It” (John Bannon fans take note, and watch the video), Hannibal’s “Happiness is the Road” (fans of good storytelling take note), Jeff Prace’s “Left-Handed” (chewing gum fans take note and watch the video), Martin Lewis’s “Making Magic” (James Bond fans take note), Kainoa Harbottle’s “By Means of Metal” (those who enjoy being taught the theory and methodology behind coin magic by a loquacious man with a doctorate in Victorian literature take note … and watch the video), John Guastaferro’s “Magicana” (those who simply like great tricks taught well, and fans of Bob Farmer, take note), and of course Todd Karr looks at you, Jon Racherbaumer talks to you, Daniel Ulin gets excited at you, and we tie it all up with reviews of videos, books, and tricks by Nathan Coe Marsh, Tom Frame, and Danny Orleans.

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