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Topic: 1900's Playing Card Designs
Message: Posted by: leonardoglass (Feb 17, 2017 06:29AM)

For those who still don't know, I have a blog about the history of magic. It's the first (and, as long as I know, the only one) blog about this subject in Portuguese language. I remeber a long time ago, I was dojn a research about the history of Walter Irving Scott, and found a website which has a catalog of old playing cards, with the back design, and the numbers and suits.

I've been looking for this site again, but can't find it. Someone knows this site? Or there is a site where I can find this vintage backdesign cards.

Thank you and greetings from Brazil.

Ah, please, visit my website. Though the most of you probabily don't understand portuguese, it will help me with Google SEO :D this is the adress: [url]http://aguaeazeite.wordpress.com.[/url]

Once again, thanks!!!