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Topic: A Study On Lennart Green (Takumi Takahashi)
Message: Posted by: mh1001 (Feb 22, 2017 01:50PM)
I just saw this in my mailbox.

It's as if I've been struck by lightning. Super visual. I want to do this.
Message: Posted by: davidredfearn (Feb 22, 2017 04:01PM)
Sensational, I hope my Top Shot will be half as good as that. Can't buy this and have a go on Sunday amazing!
Message: Posted by: mantel (Feb 22, 2017 04:12PM)
I wish ellusionist would be more forthcoming on what is covered. Not to mention they didn't check their math.

Ellusionist's Ad

A Study on Lennart Green

The Snap Deal
Cards to coins
Snap Bottom Deal
Snap Color Change
The Top Shot
Plus 8 other routines, sleights and shuffles[/quote]

5 plus 8 equals 13 not 14.
Message: Posted by: jamo425 (Feb 22, 2017 06:51PM)
Funny that this comes out right after I order Lennart Green's Masterfile. Looks great and this kid is really talented but I don't think I'll be needing this. Unfortunately I don't think there will be much (if anything) that will be taught here that I can't just learn from Lennart Green directly.
Message: Posted by: Tim Cavendish (Feb 22, 2017 07:16PM)
Masterfile is great. Enjoy it!

This video looks like extensive variations based on two moves, but I'm sure it will find its audience as well. It does look beautiful!
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Feb 23, 2017 01:07AM)
Top shot with huge fingerflash...
Extreme overuse of snap deal...
And doing Lennart's routines with very very minor variations?!?!
All of this stuff is already published by originator! Why publish this?!?! Lennarts work is already extremely well covered by the master himself. Hopefully most of the profits of this go directly to Lennart. Sadly he is one of those guys who is too kind to say "no" if he was asked about this project
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Feb 23, 2017 01:12PM)
Agree with ya korttihai. I love these moves and have been playing with them for years. I don't like the "throw" type of action move with the top-shot on the trailer. That said, seeing this stuff again is magical and made me dig out his snap deal booklet, and DVD's. The snap deal coin production is really nice to watch, knowing that it is a bit angle sensitive. This kid does have chops. Mr. Green is such a master and nobody will ever duplicate his "casual/sloppy" style. One of my all time favorites to watch.

A post somewhere, a while back, mentioned he was quite ill. Any news about that?
Message: Posted by: Tim Cavendish (Feb 23, 2017 03:41PM)
Lennart has recovered, and participated in the recent LAP dvd project (and seminar last November) with Dani DaOrtiz.

I think the flashy video will introduce Lennart's work to a different generation who might not otherwise be attracted to the style of Lennart's act. That's okay. Among other things, he's certainly invented some amazing sleights.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Feb 24, 2017 10:50AM)
Man, that "Cards to Coins" is beautiful, quite an idea using Lennart Green's brilliant move. You just know he's saying, "Now why didn't I think of that?" :D

Looks like a nice piece of work from yet another young, gifted practitioner. Amazing! :D
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Feb 24, 2017 10:54AM)
[quote]On Feb 23, 2017, korttihai_82 wrote:
Top shot with huge fingerflash...
Extreme overuse of snap deal...
And doing Lennart's routines with very very minor variations?!?!
All of this stuff is already published by originator! Why publish this?!?! Lennarts work is already extremely well covered by the master himself. Hopefully most of the profits of this go directly to Lennart. Sadly he is one of those guys who is too kind to say "no" if he was asked about this project [/quote]

"Takumi has surpassed me" - Lennart Green
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Feb 24, 2017 12:12PM)
Any one have a review on this? I will hopefully be buying today or tomorrow an will put up a review soon.
Message: Posted by: davidredfearn (Feb 24, 2017 12:55PM)
No review yet Cody I also have the EMC set which is great. You have too laugh, watched Korttihai in a waist coat! Slating this young Japanese guy. As Eugene Burger says be careful who your hero's are online. Could be anyone unless its a real name and we can vouch their expertise. Could be a builder who's learnt to talk like magicians and pretending he's a top magician.

Anyone who loves magic would love to obtain the skill this guy has.

Wont be back

have fun with that Top Shot I love that move very hard for me very small little finger and #####
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Feb 24, 2017 07:09PM)
Watching and practicing now. I will post a review soon!
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Feb 24, 2017 08:24PM)
Can someone who has his other DVD's, and snap-deal booklet, report in on whether there is much new info on this DVD?
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Feb 24, 2017 08:40PM)
Here is my review,
A study on Lennart Green is produced by Shin Lim Presents and features Takumi Takahashi, a student of Lennart Green, who really knows his material and has crazy chops. It has the usual Shin Lim presents film quality and both the trailer and the instructional quality is amazing. There is quite a few routines/moves taught on here, but I feel like they all fall into a certain category. The categories being Snap Deal, Top Shot, Side Steal, and False Cuts/Shuffles.
First off, the snap deal section. There is the basic snap deal taught first. It is a lot harder move then I thought it would be. I have never got any exposure to it before, and the slo mo’s helped a lot so you could see the finger positions and mirror it exactly. After that the variations such as the card change deal is explained, as well as the cards to coins. The cards to coins in my opinion is the hardest thing on the download. I got the snap deal down very consistently and smoothly, but am gonna have to practice that a lot more. I have only tried quarters but dollar coins will probably work better as they are a little bigger. 10/10. This is a utility move I will use.
The Top shot is the next section. Takumi teaches his way of doing the top shot, and it has a little bit more flare then a regular one which could be bad or good depending on your performance. For his color change using that it looked great, but just for the card production I would stick with the usual top shot. There are some outside the box ideas and for that I give it a 10/10
The next section is the side steal. It is the shortest section in the download but has a lot of nuances and subtleties that really shine compared to a lot of side steals. 9/10
The last section is the false cuts and shuffles. There were some of them that looked so good and I loved, and there were a couple that just looked not worth it and confusing, but to each their own. There are 2 that I am going to try to use, as even to practice them they fooled myself! 8/10
All in all this is the best download there has been in a while on practical usable stuff. I was a little weary of the price but it doesn’t compare with what you are learning. The snap deal section is gold. Great job to Takumi and Shin on this, and I hope to see more released by him soon!
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Feb 24, 2017 08:42PM)
If you have any questions feel free to ask! I would love to answer any questions if I can!
Message: Posted by: davidredfearn (Feb 25, 2017 03:29AM)
Thanks Cody
I loved the top shot colour change that was cool. GL
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Feb 25, 2017 10:14AM)
Thanks for the info Cody. Been doing the top shot and snap deal for years but always think you can pick something up when you see a new set of hands doing things. Plus, have never seen the snap deal coin production. That is so visual, and I am guessing a bit tough to do!! Looks like a keeper. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: jamo425 (Feb 25, 2017 01:48PM)
Cards to coins is also taught by Lennart Green in Volume 6 of Green Magic. It's a bonus routine called "xirtam". He teaches some variations as well so you can go back and forth between cards and coins. Vanishes, productions, transpositions, transformations ect.

I'm sure Takomi has some touches and nuances on some moves, but everything here seems to be taught by Lennart in one place or another. Though if you don't own any of Lennart's work then this looks like a nice little group of effects and techniques to pick up.

If you really want to up your game, pick up the whole Green Magic set.. theres an unbelievable amount of material on there. One thing about learning from Lennart is that he doesn't just use generic sleights and effects, so there is so much stuff that you'll learn which you've never seen before and probably will never find anywhere else. This download is only a small fraction of the wealth of knowledge you can learn from Lennart Green.
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Feb 25, 2017 02:14PM)
MSD921 The card to coin is pretty hard to do but it's definitely possible. jamo425 I don't own any of Lennart's material, but this is worth the price, there is quite a bit of material, but sadly since I don't own Lennart's stuff I can't compare the two.
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Mar 3, 2017 07:59PM)
Codydavismagic - now that you have played with this for a week, any updated thoughts? Can a mortal get cards to coins mastered?
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Mar 4, 2017 03:27PM)
I haven't been able to dedicate full time to this but it is definitely coming a long. Bigger coins seem to make it easier but I can kind of do it with Quarters now. Starting with just one card to coin and progressing up is a lot easier and I found it's a better way to practice it. I would say that it is very possible, but it is going to take a lot of work, and some time to get it down looking flawless.
Message: Posted by: mh1001 (Mar 5, 2017 08:19AM)
Codydavismagic, thanks for the review !
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Mar 5, 2017 11:57AM)
You are very welcome!
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Mar 5, 2017 07:36PM)
Bought this and watched through the entire video. Good quality and presented very well. I am most interested in the snap deal and top shot, as I have learned both through Lennart Green videos. I think both of these slights are stunning when performed well. Takumi has chops and a very nice way about him. He teaches all of the moves well. Candidly, I think Mr. Green is more thorough, and detailed, with his teachings as he really takes his time to explain nuances of the moves, and how to adapt each to your abilities and style. That said, there are some nice new things on the new download and I think it is always good to see a variety of styles for the same slights.

The cards to coins on the download is stunning. It will take some practice, but if you have the snap deal down, it will just be a matter of learning how to to feed the coins. Someone mentioned that the card to coins was on Volume 6 of Green Magic, as a bonus routine (Xirtram). That is a snap deal coin routine, but NOT a production, as is shown on the new download.

Rewatching some of the Green videos has reminded me just how amazing he is.
Message: Posted by: codydavismagic (Mar 5, 2017 10:11PM)
Great Review MSD921!
Message: Posted by: Bill08 (Mar 5, 2017 11:23PM)
I think a lot of this was covered on Lennart's Penguin Live lecture as well
Message: Posted by: Gregor Mann (Mar 6, 2017 02:20PM)
[quote]On Mar 5, 2017, Bill08 wrote:
I think a lot of this was covered on Lennart's Penguin Live lecture as well [/quote]

I am a big fan of Lennarts work and have watched his Penguin Live Lecture, but in all honesty, it is not so easy to follow his explanations in his lecture. Especially when it comes to the snap deal and top shot, every detail is important.

Sometimes things become so easy for the Master that he forgets where his students might struggle.
That´s why this project makes total sense! Takumi teaches it perfectly!
Mr Green encouraged Takumi to bring this project to live to keep his legacy alive and Takumi did a great job.

I must admit that I am a fan of Takumis magic and that I have followed his magic on instagram for more than a year now. Maybe you are uncertain if this project is worth your money or if it is just another rushed out project to make some money (like it is very often the case these times), I can guarantee you that it is a great project!
Here is a compilation of performances of Takumi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXdDE9-hZl0
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Mar 6, 2017 06:34PM)
Gregor. Thanks so much for the link. Serious chops and love the misers dream production. Any idea what rubber band routine that is, if it is a commercial one? Seeing stuff like this just gets ya grabbing the deck, again!
Message: Posted by: Gregor Mann (Mar 6, 2017 07:57PM)
[quote]On Mar 6, 2017, MSD921 wrote:
Gregor. Thanks so much for the link. Serious chops and love the misers dream production. Any idea what rubber band routine that is, if it is a commercial one? Seeing stuff like this just gets ya grabbing the deck, again! [/quote]

The rubberband Routine is very likely "flush" by John Stessel.

And yes that stuff is inspiring :)
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Mar 8, 2017 04:19PM)
Thanks Gregor
Message: Posted by: gillesA4 (Mar 18, 2017 06:26AM)
I wonder, is somebody seriously working on this?I feel so alone in front of my mirror *sigh*...
Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Mar 18, 2017 09:37AM)
You are not alone!! Working hard on it. Already had a decent snap deal but this motivated me to drag it back out. The coin production, however, is a whole new world!! Training those fingers to drop one at a time, having them out of the way for the cards to nest, etc.....UGH!Love the top-shot too. That is all about finding the perfect pressure points. Anyway, misery loves company, so they say, so let's push on!!
Message: Posted by: bpearce (Apr 28, 2017 06:42PM)
Anyone have on tips on making the snapping sound? Oddly enough I can get the sound when snap dealing multiple cards, but cannot get the sound at all when only dealing one card by itself. To put it another way, when dealing multiple cards the first card makes no snap sound but the second card and all the rest I can get them to. I honestly felt Takumi's explanations were really underexplained and I have been having to go back, to watch over, and over again.
Message: Posted by: bpearce (Apr 28, 2017 08:06PM)
Okay wow! LOL, I was making that way too complicated and being wayyyy too heavy handed with cards. Definitely requires a much lighter touch.
Message: Posted by: billy032 (Jul 11, 2017 10:59PM)
I bought this month ago. The entire video is about 90 mins long. Snap deal and its applications are about 70 mins. Get this if you were a big fan of snap deal. Don't if you wasm't.
Message: Posted by: COB (Mar 6, 2018 01:20PM)
In the middle of challenging my hands to adjust to Dollar size coins for all my sleights and got myself some ikes to play with. Anyone else working on the card to coin with dollar size coins? I'm wondering if I should push through the challenge like I did with other coin sleights or whether the mix of snap deal grip might limit it. Thoughts?
Message: Posted by: Aelumag (Feb 12, 2020 11:23AM)
Hello all,

Got some issues with this move, namely when cards start piling up in my palm. Got the move down smoothly, snapping sound smoothly, I can hold the cards well, but for the love of me, at the third card they just start dropping. How do you prevent the cards from sliding off? I'm starting to think my thumb base flesh is too fat, inevitably touching the cards when I deal the next one. Any advice on this will be much appreciate it.

Message: Posted by: MSD921 (Feb 13, 2020 03:23PM)
If I understand what you are describing, the key to stacking multiple cards is getting the first card in a solid position as that card will be the base for the other cards. I find a firm grip between the inside tip of the middle finger, anchoring the card above the thumb base, provides for the stable base needed to "stack" additional cards. Maybe try doing the first snap very slow, to start, in order to get the base card positioned properly, then work on speed after the muscle memory kicks in.