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Topic: Sansminds Prospect :: Anyone went full on Magician's Choice instead ?
Message: Posted by: ToShareIsLove (Mar 9, 2017 05:49PM)
I have been performing Sansminds Prospect for a while and most of the time, the result was pretty decent.

But throughout those performances, I couldn't help feeling that I could just Magician's Choice my way to the very end and to my surprise it worked just as well.

No more need for the Gimmick.

The reaction I got from using Sansminds Gimmick as opposed to using PURE Magician's choice is surprisingly the same.

I think the reason is due to the patter being just too long.
I kept it VERY SHORT as it is but one cannot escape asking.

1: Red or Black (execute Magician's choice there after)
2: Face or Number (execute Magician's choice there after)
3: Which of the face (no need for anything)
4: Spade or Clubs (No need for Magician's choice if using Sansminds Gimmick but one final Magician's choice to finish off if not using gimmick).

Usually by the 2nd/3rd choice, most audience knew something was up because they were expecting to just have a card directly in mind instead of the whole Red or Black she bang thing going on, they know something's up, audience's are not stupid.

Anyone here find that using the Magician's choice to force the audience's "free-will" to a single chosen card exhaustive ? (for your audience)

I find the Magician's choice is best used for scenarios where they only have to do it twice max, that would be best, what do you think ?
Message: Posted by: karnak (Apr 20, 2017 11:37AM)
Is Sansminds Prospect somewhat similar to a B'Wave type of effect (and method)?