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Topic: Miss-made bill scraps
Message: Posted by: 55Hudson (Mar 27, 2017 06:59PM)
I've just started doing bill switch with miss-made bills. I now have lots of scraps ... Any suggestions on things to do with these scraps?


Message: Posted by: Ihop (Mar 29, 2017 09:01PM)
What do mean by "have a lot of scraps..." ?
A conventional bill switch from a dollar bill to a mismade bill doesn't have any scraps.

Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Mar 30, 2017 01:19AM)
I'm sure he means the scraps left over when you make your own mis-made bills from an uncut sheet.

I've got lots of these too and haven't ever done anything with them.
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Mar 30, 2017 11:34AM)
I see.
I misunderstood.
When he said he's doing a bill switch with a mismade bill, I didn't realize he meant he was cutting sheets.
Message: Posted by: 55Hudson (Mar 30, 2017 05:16PM)
Sorry guys - I assumed anyone who would know the answer would understand the question.

Apparently there are lots of $1 bill scraps out there! Yes, I order and cut a sheet myself. Fabric stores have cutting mats, straightedge, and exacto blades to cut ... But end up with lots of scraps. Still, much less expensive than trying to buy bills cut by someone else!