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Topic: I want a create a teaching video
Message: Posted by: big k (Apr 3, 2004 12:06AM)
I want to create a teaching video. I want to teach a certin fan with cards. And also sell the video. So I'm curious what are the things I do to do? get permission? ect. That's what I need to find out.


big k
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Apr 8, 2004 08:45PM)
Hi Big K

If you create the effect there is no permision to ask for. Otherwise, pay your dues because you won’t get respect from your peers. If you want to be taken seriously, clear your material of any kind of copyright or legal problems.

Regarding the video:

First ask yourself if really makes sense to publish this video. There is a real necessity for it? There are big names involved who are going to sell this? Is it the sleight of the century?

Why are people supposed to care about this?

Then you will need a script. A “literary” one and a technical one. What are you goin to say? How are you going to show that moves?

Then, you need to hire someone to shoot the video for you and post-produce it. These days, this part is a lot easier than ever before, because you can get great quality from digital cameras and you can also edit the entire thing in a desktop computer. There are thousands of small production companies working in digital enviroments that can help you with this, at reasonable prices. There is a lot of competence, and lots of companys to choose from.

Anyway, you should get profesional help here to produce a good quality video. Good quiality image, lighting and sounds are key. Unless you alredy work in multimedia, don’t do it yourself. It's simpler than ever but not THAT simple.

Then you need someone to take care of the graphics. A good desing for the intro and credits of your video, and for the cover of the tape as well. It is a must those days. There in no excuse for bad graphic design.

If you are producing a DVD, the structure is very important. Organize the info in a clear way, make it simple and easy to find.

Maybe the same production company will do all that for you.

Then comes the hardest part: distribution. Who is going to sell this? Without that, the best product is dead. You need to establish the right distribution channel BEFORE you start producing your video. Otherwise you will end up with a bunch of unsold tapes in your closet.

So, get the necessary permisions if needed, make contact with a good distribution company beforehand, hire a production company, and you are ready to go.

Easy, isn’t it?

I hope this help.
Message: Posted by: big k (Apr 8, 2004 09:08PM)
Oh yeah... easy all right....... Ok, so first off I'm planning to sell this video localy (for right now). Do I have to worry about that stuff since I'm only selling the video locally? I'm using an analog camcorder so I can't really edit it. Well I can... I've got one of those tv in cards but I get no sound using that card for my computer. Oh about the asking for permission I thought it was a good idea so I don't get in trouble or anything.

thanks for the reply,

big k
Message: Posted by: James Watkins (Jun 20, 2004 02:45AM)

Try to get in a studio if at all possible to get it looking professional. Like Mr. Enriquez said, pay your dues. Work hard on it, and throw in some extra material, that is always a plus. Do A LOT of research as well. Hope this helped a little. :)

Keep it real,
James Watkins