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Topic: Where to go from here?
Message: Posted by: themagicofjoseph (Apr 3, 2004 04:56PM)
Hello All,
Awhile ago I was looking at the "Mona Lisa Puzzle" routine at a web site and thought the trick looked great. At the price they were asking, I thought to myself( even though I do not know how they did it ); Why not come up with a way to do it easy, basically automatic, and you should have enough of the **** to do over and over?
Is it ok to see something and make it a different way? Again, I don't know how the Mona Lisa is done...but I do not think it is the same as what I came up with. I figure, if you can improve on something to make it affordable to others, and still have it be a killer ending, your advancing. What do you think?
What I'm looking for is someone that can review my idea and way that this is done. Though a story line is not complete, the idea of it's workings can be looked at. The thing is, it's hard to know who is trustworthy on a site, being I'm relatively new, I don't want someone who will look at it and say no; then see it for sale six months from now.
I've worked in machine shops for years, and do machine troubleshooting and some AC work, so my mind is always working lol.
Selling the idea is an option, but I don't know anything in that area. In short, I took a very old idea and trying to keep it young. PM me or email at