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Topic: MARTY new app
Message: Posted by: dedikc (Apr 16, 2017 04:32PM)
Just tho let you know, that I try the Marty app.
It's wonderful.
You take the picture, someone hold one card.
They can name any card, and on your Facebook, they Will see the photo with their free card.
Message: Posted by: dedikc (Apr 16, 2017 04:40PM)
Here are some examples
Message: Posted by: simplymagicweb (Apr 17, 2017 03:59AM)
This is FANTASTIC! I've had this for about a week now and am using it in conjunction with a marked deck routine. It kills. Plus, I can promote my Facebook Business page too which as a pro this is gold. But, schhhhhhh, keep it secret, it's tooooo good!
Message: Posted by: Tulleb (Apr 17, 2017 07:09AM)
I have also bought Marty and I can confirm that it is worth the price.

Marty successfully brings you to the next step of the digital magic:
- One of the best effect of the App Store, or maybe the best one at the moment from my point of view,
- Very new so nobody knows it yet,
- Very new so a very good support from the French team (in English as well obviously),
- Very new so fully merged with iOS 10.

Good luck to them, and let's hope they keep on with the good work for a long time.
Message: Posted by: jaizon (Apr 17, 2017 10:33AM)
Get it. You will love it. It will app-solutely be in the running for trick of the year!!!
Message: Posted by: simplymagicweb (Apr 17, 2017 01:43PM)
Please note that TV rights and the ability to post onto Social Media has now been restricted - shame....
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (Apr 20, 2017 06:03AM)
The problem with this routine as described in the app is that it can essentially be duplicated by analog methods. No digital special technology necessary.
Message: Posted by: dedikc (Apr 21, 2017 06:27AM)
Are you sure Illucifer, you can take a picture before, send it to facebook and ask for a card?

People just see you taking a picture that's all. You don't share it, and YOU ASK FOR THE CARD AFTER you put the phone on the table.

If you have a method, I'm yours. ;)
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (Apr 22, 2017 06:43PM)
Dedikc, that's not what I said. I said as described in the app. The routine described in the app has the participant physically select a card from the deck, which is perfectly in keeping with the story the creators have established in said routine. I could create the same effect, Facebook photo and all, with a card force and/or a one-way deck. No algorithms required.

You are correct that having the card simply named would be cause for the app, but it also, in my opinion poses a couple of presentational problems. A) It rather points directly to the actual method, although, if they've not seen the face of the card they were holding, I don't think this is too much of a concern. The second problem is, why post it to Facebook and have them view it there as proof? If you're really doing as you claim, then why not simply let them turn the card around and look at it as proof? Again, this points them toward the actual method.
Message: Posted by: simplymagicweb (Apr 23, 2017 05:10AM)
Here's how I use the app.

Spec examines and shuffles cards. I remove one card and ask them to hold it (unseen). Photo taken.

Card replaced in deck. Spec shuffles cards again and freely removes one which is placed face down on table.

Spec looks at my Facebook page and sees the card they were holding

Spec turns over card on table which matches.

Plays really well.
Message: Posted by: ursmagicbalu (Apr 23, 2017 12:55PM)
Android ??
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (Apr 23, 2017 11:05PM)
Simplymagicweb, this is better, I agree. But, again, a card force and a one-way deck (or even simply two consecutive card forces framed properly to leave the strongest impression) can accomplish the effect you describe, with or without the posted photo. It's like a Rube Goldberg machine, using a very complex, unnecessary method to achieve it's end. This app, so far, is a case in which the method is more interesting than the effect it creates.
Message: Posted by: dedikc (Apr 24, 2017 04:54AM)
The photo is very important tho promote your Facebook page.
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (Apr 24, 2017 09:55AM)
But again, I can do the photo without the need for an app.
Message: Posted by: Lee Smith (Apr 26, 2017 04:23AM)
This is possibly the best effect I have ever seen.
Message: Posted by: GAMJoker (Apr 26, 2017 03:20PM)
So if I get it right, the advantages of this app is that they can name any card & that it posts the pic automatically onto Facebook?
If so... then I just stick with the apps I used for years now, because for me it's not a big difference if I have to force the card you're making the picture with or the card the spectator selects. If you do a good force, the spectator also thinks that the selected card was freely chosen :P So there are many other apps out there for 1/10 of the price x) There you just give them a Joker and say that the joker can transform into any card, make a pic from them while holding the joker. Then they "freely" choose a card and once they see the picture they are holding that card. For the spectator - not a big difference.
Message: Posted by: Waterloophai (Apr 26, 2017 03:32PM)
EVERY app. that uses your OWN phone is just a gag. (at the bar: yes. in a performance: no way)

With "use of your own phone" I mean that the spectator is aware that your own phone is in play (visible)...
Message: Posted by: magicman812 (Apr 26, 2017 09:05PM)
Where do you buy this? I do not see on App Store?
Message: Posted by: wchoo002 (Apr 26, 2017 10:26PM)
Search "Marty app", not just "marty"
Message: Posted by: michael640 (Apr 27, 2017 08:52AM)
Can I please PM someone who owns this? I would like to know if a certain thing is possible before I order this.

Message: Posted by: AdamMillsMagic (Apr 28, 2017 03:59AM)
Hi everyone. Please could someone let me know if the following could be performed using this app ? . .

Spectator selects a random card (no force). I tell them to remember this moment in time as we will be coming back to it at a later point and to cement the moment I would then capture an image on my phone. Phone goes away to the side and the selection is then lost into the pack shuffled and the whole deck is then returned to the spectator.

I then would like to perform a very clean tossed out deck. I would instruct them to throw away cards in various different ways making a bit of fun and comedy about it all. My main question is the following.

Could the card they randomly finish with match the photograph on your phone. If this is possible with this app then I am most definitely sold ? . . .
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (Apr 29, 2017 02:08AM)
GAMJoker, you are absolutely correct. It's what I've been saying all along in this thread. It takes something very simple and creates an overly complex method of achieving it. No app or digital technology is necessary to create exactly the same effect.
Message: Posted by: fcchief1 (Apr 30, 2017 02:09PM)
Got this the other day, and yes you could do this without the digital technology or any apps. What I like about this is that it plays to most, especially younger crowds who live on their phones and facebook. Performing walk-around in bars/pubs, it is mostly younger people I perform for so this plays really well! So far in the few times I performed last night, it got great reactions!
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (Apr 30, 2017 07:33PM)
But, again, back to my original point. Why go to all the trouble of using an app, which could possibly fail to work due to a technical glitch, when you can achieve precisely the same effect by way of classic, non-digital methods?
Message: Posted by: NRmind (May 1, 2017 10:22PM)
How would you achieve Adam mills effect described above? (I think he meant eliminating cards not tossed out deck).
You can achieve what he is describing using this app.
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (May 1, 2017 11:30PM)
Adam's effect can be achieved, too, sans app.
Would it be exactly as he describes? Not precisely, but it would appear essentially the same to a spectator.
But, yes, the app can achieve Adam's description precisely, and I would add that his idea is superior to the routine included with the app.
Message: Posted by: NRmind (May 2, 2017 10:29AM)
If you're referring to some form of equivoque then sure you can approximate that effect or any free choice.

But many of us want a big toolbox, multiple ways of doing something. If we lean on equivoque elsewhere when structuring our set, it is quite helpful to have a method that actually makes the best out of genuinely free choices. Mixing methods is so very powerful and this app has loads of potential (but unfortunately is quite messy at the moment).
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (May 2, 2017 10:56AM)
Not talking about equivoque at all, actually.
Message: Posted by: Xcath1 (May 2, 2017 04:05PM)
This trick is FANTASTIC
Message: Posted by: AdamMillsMagic (May 2, 2017 06:57PM)
Hi guys. Sorry I did mean eliminating cards. I've always wanted the spectator to have a really free and fair experience when being instructed to throw cards away to leave just one. That it what I was hoping you could perform with Marty.

I took the plunge and purchased this effect yesterday. I practiced pretty much all yesterday afternoon with the app and tonight I performed the following effect 3 times on three separate occasions and it got a much bigger reaction to just performing the described main effect within the app tutorials.

I have the spectator check all the cards are different. I asked the spectator if he believes if time travel is possible. He said no, I said I'm going to show you something that might change your perception slightly (this is all whilst I'm having him shuffle the cards). I then get him to hand me the deck. I remove one card, hand it to him with it back to him and tell him I'm going to take a photograph which shows the outcome of an event in the near future (picture is taken phone goes down to the side and I have him place the card in the middle of the deck and shuffle).

I then explained that everything he is about to do from this point I have predicted. I instruct him to throw cards down in various ways (I really have fun with this part, the spectators were all laughing and choosing which packets and cards to eliminate etc). Ultimately all the spectators get very serious once they got down to the last few cards and all three of my performances tonight ended the same way. They all ended with the one card face down still not ever seeing a single card face saying that there is no way this is the card I took a photo of earlier. I get them to hold the card up as before (they still don't even know the value at this point and I give little smile unlock my phone saying this is exactly how I thought the future would look. I show them the Facebook post on my feed and tell them to check out my page themselves on their phone and obviously they can then examine all the thrown down cards too ! . .

What can I say other than this app is incredible. To be able to have a completely free choice when eliminating cards in that manor has an incredible effect on spectators. I will be performing this at every opportunity ! . .
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (May 3, 2017 05:56AM)
Adam, great job. That is a far superior effect to the one included. I will add that a nearly identical effect can be achieved without the use of the app, but kudos, sir. Really nice application of this.
Message: Posted by: simplymagicweb (May 4, 2017 01:33AM)
Having used the app for the past couple of weeks now, I have made the decision.... not to use it now! Why, well there are a few too many issues with it at the moment for me to use it as a pro.

Firstly, alignment. Unless the image is aligned spot on, the photo can look off. This has happened frequently for me as either me or the spectator has moved slightly as the camera is taking the snap. This has led to me having to take several photos before getting it right which is a bit boring for the specs!

Secondly, the image often has ghostly pips showing, or faint lines. I have had spectators commenting about this afterwards.

Thirdly, as I'm often performing surrounded then spectators can see the actual card being photographed which then changes in the photo - yes this can be addressed using audience management to an extent but nevertheless, I've still had people commenting afterwards having acquired a "sneaky" peek!

I've also had times where the photo didn't upload to Facebook, and didn't save into my photos - bummer!

Finally, lighting. I've had some strange "morphed" images which I can only assume was due to lighting - this has still happened with the flash on too.

All of the above has made me lose confidence in using the app sadly. I'm sure the developers will sort these, but until then....

The major thing I loved was being able to post on Facebook - well Illucifer is right..... You can still do this without using the app! Indeed I've now started doing this and all the above issues have gone - BOOM! OK, the routines are slightly different, but the end result is very similar. I now start off by asking them which Social Media platform they use, open the appropriate one and take a picture and instantly post it... Hence the image goes on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - whatever they use... Job done. A force of the photographed card is now all that's needed - I've started using a simple invisible deck here...

Anyway guys, have fun and sorry for the long post.
Message: Posted by: magicianphiltay (May 11, 2017 07:18AM)
Simplymagicweb thanks for the update, I was wanting to buy this, until the bugs are fixed I wont bother -

Message: Posted by: avimag51 (May 15, 2017 06:50AM)
One of the best apps out there, and good suporting facebook users group.
Message: Posted by: fab1an (May 30, 2017 02:26AM)
I have some questions regarding MARTY App and I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has this App could answer them for me!

1. Once you have taken the picture with your prediction you put your phone on the table, right? Now when the spectator reveals his thought of card, can
you directly point to THEIR phone to check the facebook post or do you have to handle your own phone again once they reveal their Card?
So in Short: can your own phone be on the table Face down the whole time once you have taken the picture?

2. How hard is it to do this effect under bad light conditions?

Thank You so much for helping me out!
Message: Posted by: NRmind (May 30, 2017 08:32PM)
1. Must handle again.
2. It isn't as dependable with improper light. No way to measure this precisely.
Message: Posted by: fab1an (May 31, 2017 06:15AM)

Thank you for your quick response. This really helps. I will buy this App soon.
Can't wait to add this effect to my repertoire. :)

Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Jun 10, 2017 10:14PM)
Is this or will this be available for Android devices?
Message: Posted by: daniltan (Jun 18, 2017 10:20AM)
[quote]On Jun 11, 2017, shomemagic wrote:
Is this or will this be available for Android devices? [/quote]

It will
Message: Posted by: Willie mcgregor (Jul 13, 2017 03:32AM)
WMS announced it will be available on Android 17th July
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Jul 21, 2017 06:57AM)
Something someone posted is confusing me.. tv rights and posting on social media have been restricted.. but doesn't this app use Facebook/social media?
Message: Posted by: DrRob (Jul 22, 2017 09:02AM)
Yes The Marty App is Now available on Android available at the play store (Enter Marty App by Secret Studios) at a special price for 7 days only, 4 of those have already gone so gran yours today!

Word of warning a few android handsets still have a few bugs but this is being rectified as quick as possible - Mainly new handsets I.e Samsung S8 & S8+

Dr Rob
Message: Posted by: Doc Willie (Jul 22, 2017 09:28AM)
IPhone app not on sale?
Message: Posted by: lesliemusalo (Sep 8, 2018 03:40PM)
Is this App not available on ios?
I can't find it... ;(
Any help?
Message: Posted by: DrRob (Sep 15, 2018 05:24PM)
Marty is currently Not for Sale/Off the Market due to management issues.

Dr Rob
Message: Posted by: Magic1jim (Sep 24, 2018 02:51AM)
This is back on now, also it has been reverted to the original working version. So I am told anyway
Message: Posted by: Dr. Eamon (Jul 5, 2019 10:37AM)
Can anyone tell me if the app works well on Android?

Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Jul 6, 2019 10:46AM)
Message: Posted by: Blindside785 (Sep 11, 2019 10:28PM)
Is there a link to this app? I canít seem to find it.