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Topic: Diamond Jim Tyler Penguin Live
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Apr 24, 2017 06:54AM)
Are these lectures mostly betchas and puzzles?
Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Apr 26, 2017 06:28AM)
I believe the second one is. He has done two lectures with Penguin. The first one is awesome.
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (May 8, 2017 03:18PM)
Thanks. :)
Message: Posted by: zachwyman (May 24, 2017 09:31AM)
Diamond Jim is amazing. His penguin lecture covered a lot of betchas that are very easy. The only thing I have difficulty with is remembering them all. Definitely recommend this lecture!
Message: Posted by: NWJay (Jun 2, 2017 03:57PM)
The second lecture is purely on bar bets and puzzles. Watching all at once it's a bit wearying but they're all worth your while and it's got more than enough to keep someone going for a lifetime!
Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Jun 20, 2017 09:00AM)
How does this lecture compare to Dan Harlan's "Mindbogglers"