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Topic: Ahead of the pack
Message: Posted by: Mikael Eriksson (Jul 6, 2002 07:39AM)
I bought this book despite the fact that I donīt particularly like cards, and the book is largely about cards. It has however also other effects, for example "Square Bashing", which was the first effect I read about in the book. I can now use for example someones age and immediately make a magic square based on that. Surprisingly easy. I havenīt finished the book yet, but I think I can say that it seems to be unusually easy to understand and follow the instructions.


Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Sep 22, 2002 06:57PM)
Agreed, Mikael, and the card effects are pretty easily learned as well. If you're a major finger flicker, you may say that the effort from Jones and Avis is too simple. For me, however, it's a good book...an easy read and a source of plenty of good material.
Message: Posted by: knave (Sep 23, 2002 10:24AM)
I agree, this is a great book. There are some super tips and techniques, as well as full blown effects. The author's have a great way of looking at the subject matter, with a very sneaky approach. I also agree that it may not be for the expert card man from a technical point of view, but the quality of the material is stil grade A.

Message: Posted by: dan84 (Jan 17, 2005 09:41AM)
Very underated book some qualtity material from one of the best
Message: Posted by: Loz (Jan 17, 2005 04:56PM)
An excellent handling of OOTW in there - one of the subtlest methods I've seen for handling the packet switch.
Message: Posted by: Markymark (Jan 17, 2005 05:25PM)
The method for OOTW seems the very same as 'Galaxy' [AOA 3] to me!
Message: Posted by: Loz (Jan 18, 2005 05:48AM)
Blimey! I've just gone through both and your right! I've got too many books. I thought that final spread handling was only in Ahead of the pack. Man that's made me look at Galaxy again - a great handling.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (Jan 18, 2005 08:02AM)
Hi folks,

I would appreciate if you guys can please kindly express your honest opinions about this book???

I decided to get this book but I almost get 50% positive and 50% negative about this book.

I am still in doubt whether I should or should not purchasing this book??? :(


Best Wishes,
Andrew Loh
Message: Posted by: Markymark (Jan 18, 2005 01:07PM)
I would say No!.I don't want to put any of the material down but for me the best
thing in this book did not use cards.It is a mindreading anagram type thing.