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Topic: Visionary 3 by Thought Illusions
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Apr 28, 2017 12:11PM)
One of my favourite and most used purchases in recent years has been Visionary 2 by Stephen Young's Thought Illusions. For those who do not know this, the set is roughly postcard size, has a main image on one side and lots of random images on the reverse side. Thanks to some very subtle principles, you can easily determine the selected card and image. One routine even allows the spectator to choose any card with the cards in their hand (and you having turned away) and yet, as the routine plays out, you can discover and dramatically reveal their freely chosen card. Visionary 2 is so strong I have used it as my closing piece on many an occasion.

Visionary 2 is hard to beat but Stephen has just released Visionary 3 and which has all the genius of V2 but is newly designed and with far more cards. The cards are now playing card size and come in a very professional (and here looks count) box. The set also offers new advantages, including compiling them into a stacked sequence, having certain cards suitable for matching routines and also a way of identifying features on each card which allows for several reveals.

Visionary 3 is absolutely excellent. It is visual (always a good thing in mentalism) as well as versatile. I unreservedly recommend - and have already used the set to excellent effect on several occasions. Only last night I fooled a lawyer with this - something not easily done!

Well done Steve - I seriously think this will pick up quite a few nominations for Trick of the Year, it is that good.

In the interests of disclosure, I paid for this and with more details here:

Message: Posted by: lucavolpe (Apr 28, 2017 04:35PM)
I am a HUGE fan of visionary and this version is super versatile! Love it!
Message: Posted by: bowers (Apr 28, 2017 07:03PM)
[quote]On Apr 28, 2017, lucavolpe wrote:
I am a HUGE fan of visionary and this version is super versatile! Love it! [/quote]

Me too I have no doubt this is superb.
Message: Posted by: George Hunter (Apr 28, 2017 08:21PM)
Yep, Visionary 3.0 is an improvement on an already splendid prop, now permitting more strong effects than one might want to do with them in one performance. Steve says he will soon come out with rather comprehensive video instructions, which I look forward to.

Message: Posted by: gibby357 (Oct 31, 2017 05:02PM)

I noticed on the website that the prices are in Euros. So I am assuming it will come from overseas. Any U.S. carriers?
Message: Posted by: raw36 (Oct 31, 2017 05:44PM)
Have the 1.0 version so will definitely upgrade to this.
Message: Posted by: Argon (Oct 31, 2017 07:09PM)
HI guys,
Short question: Any reason to pick up version 2 if 3 is available?
Message: Posted by: George Hunter (Oct 31, 2017 07:53PM)
Now the 3 is available, don't get 2. From the back of each card in each deck, you can tell the symbol on the front. But in version 3, the location of your clue is more strategically placed.

Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Oct 31, 2017 08:08PM)
Website says won't be available till August. Is that right.

Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Nov 1, 2017 07:37PM)
Love me some Visionary! I will have to check this out...
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Nov 2, 2017 05:17AM)
Visionary 3 is absolutely superb.

I see I wrote my review in April and I stand by every word. Sometimes on getting an effect, you can get carried away, use it for a little while and then replace it with something else. Not so with Visionary 3. It is an effect I nearly always have with me, is fun to perform, easy to do (thanks to a certain feature ;-) ),intrigues as well as entertains. When, a few weeks ago, I thought I had lost my set, I would have definitely replaced.

It has my highest recommendation.

Message: Posted by: Argon (Nov 2, 2017 02:59PM)
Hi guys,
if Neil likes it must be good. Hav3 never been disappointed so far.
My problem is I cannot order, Paypal stays empty. must be out of stock.
If not I will buy one instantly.
Message: Posted by: Marc O (Nov 4, 2017 02:04AM)
Works fine for me,

Message: Posted by: Stephen Young (Mar 6, 2018 08:30AM)
Hi guys, been away due to a family matters, but if anyone has any questions I'm available to answer them.
Message: Posted by: celebrity (Mar 6, 2018 01:04PM)
Visionary 3 was a huge hit at the Blackpool (one customer bought four copies as they loved it that much). This takes everything that I loved about the previous versions and pushes the boundaries even further, the new poker sized cards are perfect for close up or stage and I have used them in both.

I simply can not recommend this highly enough and I donít say that lightly!

Best Wishes Michael
Message: Posted by: mich77 (May 4, 2018 07:13AM)
Hi! Is there any problem with languages? Does it work in Italian? I mean v.3 but also the previous ones.
Please let me know.
Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: NeilS (May 4, 2018 11:49AM)
Yes, Visionary 3 is entirely picture based.

It remains one of my favourite effects - it is that good and a delight to perform.

Message: Posted by: George Hunter (May 4, 2018 12:21PM)
Yeah, verily, it will work in Italian or in any other language shared by the performer and the audience.

Message: Posted by: mich77 (May 8, 2018 03:40AM)
[quote]On May 4, 2018, NeilS wrote:
Yes, Visionary 3 is entirely picture based.

It remains one of my favourite effects - it is that good and a delight to perform.

Neil [/quote]

Hi! Thanks for answering.
This also applies to version 2? please let me know and thanks again.
Message: Posted by: GetMental64 (Aug 24, 2018 03:50PM)
Mich77, yes, this applies also to version 2. Get either 2 or 3 or even better, get both! Highly recommended, and I mostly work in German... and sometimes in English. It will work in Italian too.