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Topic: Speaking Minds by Sam Wooding
Message: Posted by: Samwooding12 (Jun 2, 2017 06:04AM)
Hey Lovelies!

I have just released Speaking Minds, no more ugly white space!! I apologise for the previous releases that had the white space! All three routines are thoroughly explained.

Soft Sounds, which is an incredible routine where the spectator thinks of a type of soda and the performer divines the thought of soda!

Vital, a book test routine using an Iphone! (I include for free a bonus PDF to perform this jawdropping routine)

Dreamy, an impossible effect where the spectator thinks of a dream and the performer divines the dream! Included in this section is a nice little reading system that you can add to Dreamy. This is 100% propless, no paper, no gimmicks, works 100% of the time!

My personal favourite out of all these effects is "Dreamy", this is where the performer can divine a thought of dream. I branch off on the idea explaining not only getting the dream in it's simplest form but also divining specific areas and pieces of the dream that there is seemingly no way you can know!