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Topic: Tresor by Jeff Copeland
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Jun 10, 2017 09:51PM)
I posted a review in the Latest and Greatest but since they go away as fast as the hype at times, I figured I would post just the review portion here. If you like coin magic, read on. :-)

AD COPY - Fun and Fantastic, you've never seen moves like this before!

The Trésor Project uses Imagination and the French Drop, a classic coin vanish, as a versatile launch pad for unbelievably visual magic.

Sleights include vanishes & productions! Not to mention, retentions, writes, erases, flickers, changes, melts and more... Yes, you can do all that with solid metal and it looks so good! Many of these ideas included have never been dreamed or released before.

The moves are quickly learned and can immediately be put into your existing routines!

- 99 minute teaching video FULL of amazing & new magic
- Includes OVER 20 fun sleights and 3 routines
- Copeland's EXCLUSIVE global introduction of a new immersive teaching format
- Teaching download code packaged in a LUXURY custom-made coin album
- For all skill levels, beginner to advanced
- Two limited edition COINS included


I got the Tresor set today. I LOVE IT! the coins are nice one is half size one is dollar size plus the weights are perfect on each.

D.A.V.E. -
The DAVE system is pretty cool (but still in its infancy) I would liken it to a really well made PowerPoint Presentation. Your video is center screen with relevant text and current credits on either side (he also credits others on the video). Photos that will be referenced fit nicely across the top of the screen. Page numbers and quick click arrows are across the bottom. The video will tell you when to click for next page. At the beginning of the left text box on each page there is also a reference to the timeline where this page started.

Video -
The video utilizes the latest "JWPlayer" format and is top quality. Coming in at an hour and forty mins long, taught VERY Well (as all of his effects released so far have been) and the photos from other angles are across the top of the screen to lessen rewinding if you drop a coin or don't quite understand the finger placement he talks about. Just look up and it is there. After briefly introducing the new D.A.V.E. format, It starts with some history and theory as well as around 3 beginner sleights followed by 4 intermediate and then 4 advanced sleights. A very wide range for all skill levels. Next up is a section called "More Sleights" (3 more) then 3 Color Changes and 3 routines. *** and, you can download the video only (without the DAVE stuff to view offline). Just log in. then scroll down to bottom and look at the last right hand column. Put your mouse over the words "Download Video" the right click and "save as" to download.

The material is a MASTERCLASS on the French Drop. Done poorly by so many, he teaches the way it is "supposed" to be done and then goes off with his (and others) fantastic variations and original effects using them. The material covered is all the way from easy beginner to hard core knuckle busting. There truly is something for everyone here.

The Coins -
You receive a nice booklet with the two coins displayed (I have seen booklets like this for many coin sets at my local coin shop) and you could just use it to display your coins if you wish. The coins are both the same (heads/tails) being a tiger and an orangutan. They are endangered so they were put on the coins to bring attention to the fact they may one day "vanish" from our planet. They are very well made, tarnish resistant, bright RB color rating and have reeded edges (Milled). specs are almost spot on with a Morgan Dollar and a Walking Liberty Half:
Dollar - 37.94mm (+/-.02mm) diameter. 2.72mm (+/-.10mm) thick. 24g weight
half - 29.97mm (+/-.02mm) diameter. 2.24mm (+/-.02mm) thick. 12g weight
They both feel great in the hands right out of the box with no difference to the coins I currently use. The contrast is perfect, not to shiney and not a dark brown where it may not even be noticed. A lot of thought went into these as he discusses in the video.

I do own two previous releases by Jeff Copeland - [b]BrotherJeffrey[/b] here on the Café. "BlackBird" and "Traveler" (coin wallet/folding purse) and if you are familiar with these, you will know the quality of his teaching. I liken it to the way Gregory Wilson teaches. Powerful, time and audience tested material and clear and concise teaching with no stone left un-turned plus plenty of "bonus" info and proper crediting of others. He also makes reference to both products during different parts of the video. (Even though this is a review for "Tresor", you won't go wrong with either of the other two products also - put them on your short list :-)

Whatever number of "star rating" you want to go by, I give it 100% +. It is a great buy for any level coin magician and comes with a couple nice coins for color changes. It is also Pure Sleight of Hand stuff so you don't need to invest in fancy gimmick coins to make powerful magic. Grab this up, it is well worth it.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Jun 11, 2017 11:43AM)
This is an amazing piece of work. It is always wonderful to see the progression of the basics beyond the mundane.
"Tresor" by Jeff Copeland is work worth looking into as to the further creativity of the French Drop, as well as the greater magic he has found more deeply within. Looking forward to this.

Thanks for making us aware PD. ;)
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Jun 11, 2017 09:13PM)
[quote]On Jun 11, 2017, Mb217 wrote:
This is an amazing piece of work. It is always wonderful to see the progression of the basics beyond the mundane. [/quote]

Yes, what a great way to word it. :-)
I have seen the move taught in its most basic form so many times that I often wonder "Why do they really have to go over this move"? "Seriously, is there someone out there who doesn't know how to do a French Drop"?..... I usually just accept that they are going over "everything" for clarity.

"Tresor" goes way beyond its basic form and adds not only clarity, but "magic", in the sense that these variations look truly magical. When I first saw the trailer, I had no idea that these moves were simply variations of a French Drop. Boy was I wrong and now I am excited about what I can add to a "slower phase" in a coin routine by just replacing the traditional French Drop with one of these wonderful variations.

Boom... Now my routine has an "eye popping" move in the middle instead of just a "guess what hand" (the sort of feeling a traditional French Drop can give) I get something so different and "magical looking" that another level of "how did he do that" has been added.

I stated before, in another thread -
[quote]On Jun 9, 2017, Poof-Daddy wrote:
I will state that, if it is ANYTHING like the quality of his previous releases, "Traveler" and "BlackBird", I will be very happy. Both releases were top notch in my opinion. Although I can see why some magi would not benefit from or use "BlackBird" as it is a device to help with "Sleeving" (and not everyone does that) but... I do not understand why any "coin guy" (beginner to expert), does not own a "Traveler". The "Traveler" leather Coin wallet / leather folding coin purse (however you want to look at it). Not only is it a simple way to carry your coins, there is a built in "gimmick" you can use or not use and some [b]very strong[/b] effects taught on the video.
They are available at several magic dealers or direct from the creator at http://copelandmagic.com/ [/quote]

I will add to this that even if "Sleeving" is not your thing, the routines taught are powerful, original and can most likely be done without the sleeving part. Just ring them in by your favorite method. I was/am fairly new to sleeving and I found it a wonderful tool. I also dress up (sport coat and such) more often that not when performing professionally. I have a ton of other material if I am just walking around in street clothes.

The "Traveler", on the other hand, should be in every coin workers arsenal (if not on his person at all times). It is beautifully hand made from leather. It folds closed and is sort of a cube shape when open. There is a built in gimmick that is nice but you could easily choose not to use it and you will never worry about it accidentally being discovered. Simply state - "That is where I keep my folding money" or "I usually hide a hundred dollar bill in there for emergencies". Hidden in plain site but he does go over how to not only show the entire purse without it being noticed, he shows you how to hand it to a spectator in a way they will not notice it probably 95% of the time (or more). PLUS... The routines are very strong and again, well taught. Worth the purchase for the routines only in my opinion but once you start using it, you will keep it. :-)
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Aug 15, 2017 03:15PM)
EXTRA COINS NOW AVAILABLE - https://shop.copelandcoins.com/products/tiger-tan-coins?utm_source=Copeland+Coins+Collected&utm_campaign=694599f67a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_06_09_bandwidth&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b0681c9999-694599f67a-150030437&mc_cid=694599f67a&mc_eid=774c8a8c54