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Topic: Inspiration!
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Jun 15, 2017 02:26PM)
What inspires your costume design? Please post costume/outfit items you find magical or other sources of inspiration.

I love lace! Art and nature, embroidery, music, and I enjoy making things with my own two hands. Hand sewing- no machine for me, at least not yet. Crochet, jewellery tying, fabrics, knots... and I like thrift! Economy, treasure hunting! Find it as inexpensively as I can. That's fun! That's strategy! :) Upcycling is getting my attention right now, which might be a little unusual for me- as I thought I tend to like antique things left as they are- but on further thinking, if there's just a bit of the antique lace left, why not put it together with something else. Renewal's in character for me, as is eclecticism, so makes sense afterall!
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Jun 15, 2017 02:48PM)
In terms of inspiration, one might find something that costs a little more, then try to find something similar of decent quality that costs much less. It depends on the piece and just how closely it hits the mark. Some things you'll find that you want, though they cost a little more. It's all part of puzzle, weights and balances, and that's part of the strategizing involved in costume design.

I just found this piece- it was the inspiration for this thread, actually. :) This one is a visual inspiration. I haven't really gone farther than that (ie. cost comparison) with this one yet. I will include the price for reference, for those who are interested in the big picture. I'll also add comments.

"MEASUREMENT: 15-1/2" inside neck line edge full length, and 3-1/2" deep at center. Total measurements of fabric is 19" x 3-1/2"."


$65.00 USD + $15.75 USD International/first class package shipping location: Franklinville, NY, U.S.A. site: ebay

comment: beautiful embroidery! artistic, realistic!
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Jun 15, 2017 08:09PM)
Here's a brief, on point interview with a costume designer that asks some key questions. I haven't seen the film or read the book, but I might be able to find some scene clips. I love period costumes, and antiques, generally. Working on a production with depth and richness. I love to hear the thoughts of others as well, so please share yours, if you will.


Many magicians, largely self producing, writing, directing, designing presentation, if not effects, may have an advantage when it comes to making the production "look as if it all came from the same hand." At least, I see it that way. :)
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Jun 15, 2017 08:58PM)
Here's an interesting interview with one of Elvis Presley's costume designers, Bill Belew:

Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Jul 7, 2017 01:30PM)
Just started reading The Monuments Men. I think it will be an interesting read.

More inspiration- the brilliant Beulah Bondi and The Waltons- From Ralph Senensky's wonderful Blog:

Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Jul 7, 2017 02:19PM)
My inspiration is the character concept (modern witch doctor) and a minimalist approach to performance aesthetic which was originally inspired by Michael Moschen's style.

Basically, I want to look respectable/like an expert, but I don't want to draw a lot of attention to myself. I want the focus to be on my audience and volunteers.

So I dress in earth tones, or black. Generally brown, grey, or black trowsers, a brown or black vest, and either a light grey, dark grey, or purple shirt (My wife insists it's called wine colored) for a little bit of variety.

I wear a simple watch, wedding band, 3 skull bead bracelets from New Orleans (to hint at the witch doctor thing) and a simple cord necklace with a small medallion made of bronze. I also have two ear rings in each ear, and I wear glasses. Hair is done in a subdued, but stylish way, and my beard is kept short and neat these days (Not like in my pic here). The mustache is waxed to have a nice handlebar shape.

So the end result is someone who is memorable enough to, well, be remembered, but not so flashy as to distract from the average folks I pull up on stage who are the focus of the show.