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Topic: The Mystic Speaks!
Message: Posted by: orchid666 (Jun 26, 2017 07:27AM)
Greetings Dark ones!!!
I hope a few of you remember me, It's been a while since I was in here! I do hang out in the workers section occasionally but this has always been my favourite spot on the Café!
Not sure if some of you guys may know that recently I started publishing a new monthly magazine called 'MAGICVAMPIRE' that was written just for fun and sent to a few friends. Long story short, some people around here went NUTS about it which ended up in a deal with BigBlindMedia for distro!
It's all hand written and illustrated by myself, and is a TRUE labour of love as its very time consuming, but I love it too much to get lazy so it's up to issue 3 already.

My point is, that in the new issue that's being finished at the minute, My love of victorian spooky/bizarre is emerging bigtime and there is a new feature called 'THE MYSTIC SPEAKS-Spooky goings on from the victorian seance room' which may be of interest. Issue 3 is Illustrated with stuff all taken from various ghost trains I have visited in the U.K!

I also did want to ask the experts here.. In the Mystic speaks section this month, there is a project to make spirit slates from playing cards, and I haven't yet found a reference to it anywhere. Surely it MUST have been done before? Correct credits in the mag border on obsessive,and if there's any doubt about something, It gets left out till it's cleared up.Any info would be much appreciated.

One last thing, A while back I mentioned a few hand made and one off Ouija based tables, mainly as a floating table,but also with a moving planchette, turning gimmick, and a few more things built in to them. I have just started the project again, and wondered if some photos of progress would be of interest on here?
They are a very reasonable price and can be made to spec also.
Thanks guys, Its good to be back!!
Kneill X
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Jun 26, 2017 09:45AM)
Hello Kneill, welcome back and of course pictures of your Ouija project are encouraged. Congratulations on the mag. Sorry I do not use cards or know of that effect to be able to advise re: using them as slates.

Was not able to find issue 3 of Magic Vampire, maybe it's not out yet? Are the issues mostly card tricks? Love your art and the fact that you took the time to draw and write everything by hand. Part comic book, part old school learning. I downloaded the sample edition a took a quick look.

People can easily google it or use the search bar at the site. Here is a link below, because someone always asks how to use google lol.
Message: Posted by: orchid666 (Jun 26, 2017 02:42PM)
Thanks Darkness. It did start off as just card stuff, but issue 3 has a change of look and is slightly more heading toward the bizarre, in look and content! Issue 3 is almost finished ( Its taking about twice as long to do ) but its a gamble that I hope will broaden the readership. I've always had a love for all things spooky and it's great to have that vibe going on with the mag!
I'm very commited to prducing it in the long run, so I hope the new style goes well!
P.s I will try and post a pic of the new artwork here when I get back later.