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Topic: The Dream Project by Sam Wooding
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Jun 30, 2017 04:57AM)
NEW RELEASE PLUS FREE GIFT! Sam Wooding is an exciting, young voice in the world of mentalism, and I am pleased to present his latest 35 page PDF 'The Dream Project'. This is a very special limited time only release, available only until the 13th July 2017.
Sam Wooding's The Dream Project is a manuscript dedicated to a part of mentalism that is rarely touched upon the mysterious world of dreams. The world of dreams is a wonderful and poignant subject matter upon which to base mentalism routines. Personal, emotional, and metaphor-laden, a volunteer's dreams can turn a simple routine into an amazing and uplifting experience for the performer's volunteer.
Plus, when you order The Dream Project, you will also receive a free PDF copy of Paul Voodini & Cathy Shadows' The Secret Garden - a fascinating and unique reading technique whereby the sitter is taken on a guided visualization of a beautiful garden. Within the walls of this garden lay the answers to the sitter's most deeply held questions - what did the past mean, what is happening to me now, and how will the future develop?
Details at link: http://www.readerofminds.co.uk/dream_project_92.html
Message: Posted by: Ceierry (Jun 30, 2017 10:13AM)
Sounds very good !
Message: Posted by: Voodini (Jun 30, 2017 04:37PM)
More info:

In The Dream Project you will learn ways to predict and divine dreams. You will learn:
Dreamy Sam's favourite and 'go to' method to divine any dream without any props.
The Callout Dream a fast paced method to divine a dream with no props.
The Dream Billet Switch an incredibly easy and fun billet switch.
The Constrictor the performer correctly predicts a dream.
Dreaming of Her a fun yet practical book test based around the idea of a Dream Journal.
Dream Lie a 'which hand' routine based around dreams.
The Dream Peek an easy billet peek that can be utilised in your favourite dream routine.
EXTRA BONUS! Remember that when you purchase Sam Wooding's The Dream Project PDF you will also receive, totally free of charge, Paul Voodini & Cathy Shadows' The Secret Garden (normally valued at 10). Also remember that this is a very special limited time only release, and will no longer be available after 13th July 2017.
Message: Posted by: Samwooding12 (Jun 30, 2017 07:35PM)
This release is one of my favourites, if you have any questions I am always happy to answer ! - Sam
Message: Posted by: daveturton (Jul 1, 2017 12:01PM)
The pdf is worth the money purely for the Cathy Shadows work unfortunately Sams dream project doesn't live up to the standard of Cathys work , I was somewhat dissapointed and hoped for a more in depth and psychological angle to the work , if you are a newcomer to doing readings it may give you some ideas , with various forces and billett work, its readable but nothing really new to note . .
Message: Posted by: Samwooding12 (Jul 2, 2017 11:36PM)
Hey Daveturton!

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the PDF, a lot of routines are original if not all and the routines that aren't are renditions of either classics or some of my previous work.

Many thanks,

Message: Posted by: Adrien L. (Jul 5, 2017 05:22AM)
This seems very interesting... Is it suitable for close-up and does it work in non-english languages?
Message: Posted by: Samwooding12 (Jul 5, 2017 05:06PM)
Hey Adrien L.!

I use all the routines in a close up environment however routines like the serial, the dream billet switch and the callout dream are dedicated in a stage environment. All of the stage routines can be used close up though :)

Many of the effects work with non English. However, effects like Dreamy don't work with non English but you can change the scripting to your language and it might still work. Hope this helped.

Many thanks,

Message: Posted by: Ceierry (Jul 8, 2017 03:25AM)
I received a copy, and I can say you'll find valuable material in there!

Dreamy : I liked this effect! While is it described in English it'll be easy to translate in your language and it's sure fire.

She goes into thought of time divination, I liked a part when nobody think about a detail you informed to the participant, then you divine their exact thought of time (VERY EASY)

The Callout Dream, easy to apply, good to use between effects or readings (I'll use it on a reading), btw, thanks for writing all the different types of dreams.

The Dream Billet Switch, I'll not use it since I usually use another billet switch that work with me.

The Constrictor, I use this method a long time ago to divine a journey of a participant. I do not use it as a prediction, but you can without a doubt.

Dreaming of Her, easy to do, work properly!

Dream Lie, this one I like it, I'll use this one during a which hand routine for use. Using V by Maos, Tequila Hustler and, I'll use this as a phase.

Blank Set is interesting, reminds me a lot of old methods, will probably not using it.

Serial, This one is very good ! I mean, the method is good, reliable and easy. You'll need to improvise on the spot a little bit OR, practice during readings. I will use it.

Enjoy !

You'll find valuable material regarding readings and presentations!

Good work.

Message: Posted by: Samwooding12 (Jul 8, 2017 07:55AM)
I am glad you enjoyed it!

Many thanks,