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Topic: The Magic Of Metaphor Podcast
Message: Posted by: hawaiihypnosis (Jul 10, 2017 03:49PM)
Here's a podcast I recorded with Michael Watson about his Magic Of Metaphor talk at Hypnothoughts Live.

Enjoy :D


[b]There’s no one-size-fits all metaphor, right? WRONG! Discover the type of metaphor that’ll take down even the most monster-sized problems[/b] [40:38]

Introducing the amazing “metaphor mix up” game that’ll have you cranking out transformational gems almost instantly…by messing up on purpose? [24:34]

[b]Are you making these deadly mistake when it comes to telling stories (don’t worry, it can be overcome…as long as you catch it early on)[/b] [13:15]

The type of metaphors Michael Watson painfully shys away from [19:04]

[b]How Milton Erickson used a story about this common every day food to help a patient in extreme pain [/b][14:13]

Watch my mind get blown away as Michael talks about a little-known physical artifact of hypnosis history (and what this has to do with metaphors) [41:02]

[b]How a well known NLP trainer from the 1980’s would escape to the bathroom to whip up powerful metaphors for their clients[/b] [17:23]

Why doing less actual storytelling is essential to creating even more powerful metaphors [19:41]

[b]How a metaphorical description of a weight loss procedure can help people to keep the pounds off[/b] [30:51]

A simple (yet effective) way to use a common metaphysical tool to create symbolic “meanings” [23:39]

[b]A psychological thriller from 19557 that dabbles in the power of hypnosis and metaphors to reverse multiple personality disorder[/b] [32:26]

Get a first hand look at Michael’s no-fail strategy for extracting a clients metaphor (this is not fluff and theory…this a time tested and proven strategy) [51:46]

[b]Why you can completely mess up a metaphor and still come out on top[/b] [37:10]

Watch in horror as Michael uses a metaphor about male genitalia to describe some hypnosis training’s (ear muffs kids) [43:17]

[b]4 ground-breaking ways to creating powerful changes with metaphors (the 4th way is rarely ever covered in metaphor workshops)[/b] [51:46]

Hop on over to the link below to check this interview out:

Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jul 10, 2017 04:06PM)
Sorry this is a performance forum.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jul 10, 2017 04:48PM)
He knows that and was warned before about this when he tried this last time.