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Topic: Ropes in the UK
Message: Posted by: mindacrossrhino (Jul 13, 2017 04:15AM)
Hi all

I can see this question has been asked several times in the past, however I have been unable to find an answer that caters to a UK audience (may just be my poor searching skills). I can find many sources of magician's rope in the UK, however would like to know what rope people would recommend (sourced from the UK).

To help narrow down what I am after, I am putting together a 'one' rope routine based primarily on Fiber Optics, and some of Daryl's work and think I am after something around 10mm of thickness. Ideally the rope would be white, though not having handled many different types can't say whether I prefer cored or not at this stage.

Many thanks
Message: Posted by: Weddingmagician (Jul 24, 2017 04:56PM)
I use Castle Cord which I think is now only available from magiciansrope.co.uk. This is the best rope I have found in the UK for fiber optic etc.
Message: Posted by: mindacrossrhino (Jul 25, 2017 04:22AM)
Brilliant, will be checking them out soon, thanks for the reply Weddingmagician
Message: Posted by: dlprice (Aug 11, 2017 07:36PM)
PropDog has the largest variety of magician's rope I have so far found in the UK. They sell various of the BTC ropes, which I believe were favoured by Daryl and Mac King, make their own, and sell a couple of other brands. Great shop as well if you're ever in the area; good way to try out a few different types of rope at the same time.
Message: Posted by: dbaronian (Aug 12, 2017 09:43PM)
We do ship to UK, but it is a bit expensive for the shipping. If PropDog sells BTC, then that's your best bet.
Message: Posted by: mindacrossrhino (Sep 10, 2017 04:42PM)
Many thanks to dlprice and dbaronian for your replies, have purchased some castle cord as suggested above now, however will check out PropDog when I next need to purchase some.

Kind regards
Message: Posted by: raw36 (Oct 29, 2017 05:20PM)
PropDog items are very good I have a fake lemon and lime for the chop cup. Even the smell is a+.