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Topic: Arkanosophy: Handmade Pendulums and props for Mystery Performers
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jul 22, 2017 10:26AM)

[url=http://www.arkanosophy.com]Arkanosophy[/url] is the new sub-brand of physical products of Mentalism Center.

Handmade Pendulums and other props for Mystery Performers.

Just search "Arkanosophy" in Facebook and participate in a contest that we have in there. One follower with get for FREE a set of "Arkanosophy" goodies

Message: Posted by: Craig Logan (Jul 22, 2017 01:55PM)
I said it before, Pablo, but these are some beautiful looking props.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jul 22, 2017 06:35PM)
[quote]On Jul 22, 2017, Craig Logan wrote:
I said it before, Pablo, but these are some beautiful looking props. [/quote]

Thanks Craig! Soon new surprises :)
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Aug 1, 2017 09:41AM)

[url=http://mentalismcenterpendulums.blogspot.cl/p/copper-pendulum.html]"Copper"[/url] is our latest piece.
A beautiful dual pendulum, which is created using an old English Penny, a Chilean copper nail all together with a bold copper chain.
You get the idea, pure copper paraphernalia.

The coin is attached magnetically so you can also attach other objects.

As you may know, Chile is the world's largest copper producing country. Copper means nature, progress and now you can have a piece of our beautiful history.

In esoteric areas, Copper is a conductor of healing energies and now you can use it in performance and in that manner offer a mysterious an unique look.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Aug 12, 2017 11:58AM)

[url=http://mentalismcenterpendulums.blogspot.cl/p/koran.html]"Koran"[/url] is a wonderful dual pendulum that will give you fantastic options during performance. Aesthetically stunning and versatile.

At one end you can find a Zodiac Medallion (perfect size for Koran´s Medallion) which you can detach and a beautiful crystal that can work either as holder or weight.