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Topic: Miracle Tshirt Prediction by Doruk Ulgen
Message: Posted by: Doruk Ülgen (Aug 6, 2017 03:06AM)
Hey everyone ! My new product is going to be available worldwide soon via Murphys Magic dealers. Wanted to let you know upfront. Its pretty self explanatory but I am here for any questions you might have ! Also I am planning to release more 'Miracle Tshirt's at a later date so any suggestions are welcome ! If I use your idea for the next Miracle Tshirt, you get a free tshirt and some cool stuff !


Miracle Tshirt Prediction by Doruk Ulgen

Random symbols on your T-shirt change to the chosen card !

Trailer Video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO19f7hrJxI


A spectator physically or mentally selects a card. The chosen card forms on your T-shirt from symbols that have been in plain view right from the start.

The symbols arouse no suspicion unless attention is drawn to them. Some people might ask what they mean and that is a great conversation starter ! When it’s time, you do the simple ‘fold up’ move to form the ‘prediction’ and surprise your audience in a clever, unexpected way! You don’t ruin the surprise of the prediction by mentioning it in advance; in the end they know the prediction was in plain view at all times, because you were wearing it !

Your T-shirt comes with instructions for a couple routines and many more ideas. You can do a visual effect where the chosen card passes trough your T-shirt, then appears printed on your T-shirt ! Alternatively you can use the T-shirt in a classic manner of revealing a prediction, for a physically or mentally chosen card. You do not need a deck of cards with you to perform Miracle T-shirt Prediction!

Miracle T-shirt Prediction is TOP OF THE RANGE QUALITY. 100% organic cotton, superior quality pre-shrunk fabric, reinforced double stitching, detailed workmanship, modern comfy style and prints applied with 100% organic water based inks. Miracle T-shirt is extremely comfortable and durable. We are sure you will love wearing it and performing with it.

Available in;

White T-shirt with black print or Black T-shirt with white print,
Male & Female Style
Sizes; S, M, L, XL, 2XL . (size chart available on website)

Price; $25
Message: Posted by: Doruk Ülgen (Aug 23, 2017 03:16PM)
Now available from your favorite magic dealers !