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Topic: Review: Duplicity (John Bannon)
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Aug 11, 2017 10:59PM)
[b][url=http://johnbannonmagic.com/]Duplicity[/url][/b] (John Bannon)

[b][i]A revised and cleaner version of John Bannon's Twisted Sisters[/i][/b]


"Twisted Sisters" by John Bannon is widely regarded by magicians as one of the best packet tricks of all time. But it does have a disadvantage: the cards aren't examinable at the end. The creator of the effect, John Bannon, later revised it to provide a more clean finish, in which all the cards are examinable by the spectators, and that revision is "Duplicity".


The overall effect of Duplicity is somewhat similar to Twisted Sisters, and also involves eight cards. You and a spectator each select a different Ace from your packet of red or blue backed cards. Then follows three surprising revelations: firstly the two chosen aces are revealed to be the only ones face-up. Then, these selected aces are revealed to have come from the other person's packet because they have a different coloured back. Finally, all the remaining aces are revealed to be blank.

See John Bannon perform the effect here:



The technical handling of this trick is quite straight forward, and just as easy as Twisted Sisters. However a much more delicate approach is required in the wording of the patter, since the spectator needs to make three choices throughout, and it needs to be made clear that they are all free choices. But when this is executed well, and combined with a good presentation, the final reveals are killer. Many magicians prefer Duplicity to Twisted Sisters because of the clean finish.


An improved version of Twisted Sisters? Maybe, but either way it's a terrific packet trick that I can highly recommend.