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Topic: EVOLUTION The Next Generation of CTW
Message: Posted by: Lord Of The Horses (Apr 11, 2004 01:59PM)
Zach Allen kindly sent to me his e-book EVOLUTION Next Generation Card Through Window.

As Zach openly says in his intro of the book at a certain point in his life he became obsessed with the CTW plot and consequently he went through (pun intended!) many of the marketed versions as well as researching in the literature what he could find about it.

In his present new book he offers to his readers several techniques and variations of other techniques that, when combined together, fit his current criteria for this effect.

There are different sections in Zachís book, and each section deals with different aspects of CTW. One section, for example, deals with various methods to pass a card through a window and two different approaches: Card already on the outside/card on the inside that needs to get through.

Iíve loved all of the methods detailed inside this little book, especially the different ways to hide the ďalready outĒ card and how to deal with signed cards.

There are many other good ideas in this book and, itís my solid opinion that, most of the ideas presented for CTW can find applications in other contexts too.

For the big finish, Zach details the making of his EVOLUTION gimmick that can really be a VISUAL killer if one takes the time (and the material) needed to build it.

As already happened in the past, with previous Zachís books, I found this one a very interesting and informative reading and I can openly recommend it to anyone.

I believe that this book is worthwhile even if you will never perform the EVOLUTION effect but, if instead you're planning to perform some CTW effect as a part of one of your next performances, then this book might exactly be what you are looking for now!

Paolo Cavalli