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Topic: Sony reveals magic secrets in Xperia commercial!
Message: Posted by: Meng (Aug 28, 2017 03:05PM)
Sony is exposing magic tricks in a commercial to promote the slow motion features of their new Xperia XZ smart phone.

[i] Quote Sony:
"Could Super slow motion reveal what the eye can't and uncover the magic behind the tricks?" [/i]

They not only show Crazy Man's Handcuffs in slow motion and close up (beside other tricks and sleights), they even name it correctly.
The London-based "magician" who was willing to be filmed calls himself The Chelsea Joker.

What do you think?

Message: Posted by: Rizzo (Aug 28, 2017 03:40PM)
Wow. Talk about showing the work
Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Aug 28, 2017 03:47PM)
Hm. Didn't even need the slowmo to see the snap change.

As Immorten Joe would say, "Mediocre!"
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Aug 28, 2017 07:50PM)
That's a shame. Another Masked Magician who can't make it legitimately and selling out.

Who knows how many folks will see the commercial and the sponge ball and card moves are just moves, so easy enough to avoid by workers until the dust settles. But Crazy Man's Handcuffs? That is a staple in so many workers' repertoires. And has always been pretty secret since it can't easily be put into a magic set. What a shame. Hopefully this just blows over.
Message: Posted by: Tim Snyder (Aug 28, 2017 08:48PM)
I hate exposure of any kind, but how many people watch commercials anymore? If I watch a TV show live, I start it 20 minutes late so that I can fast forward through the commercials. I don't text a lot, but I imagine a lot of people use commercials as a good time to check their other devices. This doesn't seem like a "stop everything and watch this" type of production. Hopefully it will have a limited viewership.
Message: Posted by: tommeepickles (Aug 29, 2017 07:51AM)
I haven't seen it on TV yet but I opened it up in Youtube just to give it a thumbs down.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 29, 2017 09:34AM)
I don't like the exposure and haven't seen the commercial either but unless this is several different commercials, it seems awfully long.
Message: Posted by: Nash (Sep 3, 2017 01:32PM)
To be honest, even in slow motion, I don't think lay people can really pinpoint how Crazy Man's Handcuff works, let alone remembers it enough that when they see a magician does it live that they'll know the secret. From a marketing perspective, that's actually pretty ingenious of Sony to promote their slow-motion capability.
Message: Posted by: MJE (Sep 3, 2017 03:35PM)
[quote]On Sep 3, 2017, Nash wrote:
To be honest, even in slow motion, I don't think lay people can really pinpoint how [/quote]

Yeah, I'd have to agree with Nash. Unless your goal is to make people think that what they think they see is the reality, something like this may even lead to a greater appreciation of the skill involved. You can see something happen in the slo-mo shot of C.M. Handcuffs, but what you see isn't explained. We know what we're seeing because we know what we're looking for, but the vast population has no idea. The other effects shown add credence to the "hand is quicker than the eye" theory, which is actually true once in a while. I see nothing horribly sinister in this ad. I see a smart marketing idea and possibly even a good talking point for talented closeup entertainers.
Message: Posted by: pepka (Sep 6, 2017 04:08AM)
His sponge ball vanish didn't look that good at REGULAR speed.
Message: Posted by: mantel (Sep 15, 2017 02:02AM)
I hope the "exposure" is worth it. That's the joke and funnily enough he's calling himself a joker.
Message: Posted by: 61magic (Sep 15, 2017 09:33AM)
I too dislike exposure when done for no other reason to make a quick buck. Think about it this really isn't any different than all the exposure on youtube... Ultimately magic will suffer when the mystery is gone.

Just my $.02
Message: Posted by: Paul (Sep 24, 2017 10:11PM)
Chelsea Joker? Chelsea Dick more like. :banned:
Message: Posted by: wunceaponatime (Sep 25, 2017 03:20PM)
Anything for a buck. Disgusting.