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Topic: Mnemonicosis and Probability
Message: Posted by: shakuni (Sep 2, 2017 11:56PM)
Hi, I have two related questions:

When we ask someone to think of a card, there are a few cards that are named frequently, like queen of diamonds, seven of hearts.

When we ask someone to think of a number, there are a few numbers that are named frequently, like 7, 37.

My questions are:

1. Had anyone tried to create a stack that is based on this type of probability? Where most frequently named cards and placed at most frequently named numbers?

2. If not, is any specific stack more suitable for Mnemonicosis then others (only in terms of strategic placements of cards). In short, is Tamariz stack better for Mnemonicosis then aronson and so on?

Message: Posted by: Waterloophai (Sep 3, 2017 12:40AM)
If you follow that logic, then you had to have for almost every trick a different stack.
If you construct a stack, all you can do is to place the most chosen cards at the right places.
The Maigret stack does that.
Aronson en Tamariz are constructed to obtain other goals.

The Queen of Diamonds one of the most chosen cards?
Certainly not in Europe. I have done more than 9000 tables (table hopping) in my career and in my country it were the Queen of Hearts, the Ace of Hearts and the Seven of Hearts. (especially with ladies).

In the USA I suppose it is the Ace of Spades. (which is in my country just a "normal" card).

So preferences are partly cultural and geographically determinated too.
Message: Posted by: shakuni (Sep 3, 2017 04:48AM)
Yes, its fine to use a special stack for a specific trick. A stack can be designed around a major trick that you plan to do a lot.

I do agree that favorite cards and numbers may be different in different countries.

But my questions is, is any stack already available, which is designed around Mnemonicosis? Its ok if its designed on US preferences.