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Topic: Video Review: Titans Robber Baron Ed. by Jody Eklund
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Sep 4, 2017 07:37AM)
Video review:


Elegant playing cards depicting the Capitalists who acquired wealth by ruthless means and the women who fought for their rights by Jody Eklund

The kings and jacks depict those that build empires through ruthless means and the queens are women that spent their life's energy to liberate those oppressed in many ways. It's a story of juxtaposition; misuse of power and strength from weakness, oppression and liberation... This is Titans, these are the Robber Barons.


Printed by the Legends Playing Card Co.
55 Custom Cards
Each court, Ace and Joker cards will have original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era.
Unique Back design
The Cards are printed on the Classic Finish, which is the highest quality card stock that Legends Playing Card Co. has to offer.
The Tuck box material is the same material as the Inception Playing Cards.
The Tucks feature blue & copper foiling.
There is also a 55th card with all of the names of the individuals depicted in these decks.

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