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Message: Posted by: JamieD (Sep 10, 2017 07:57AM)
Hey guys, here is a new little release from me!

PSYMOKER // Using a cigarette box and a deck of cards, you make them see what they haven't seen and remember what they couldn't possibly have remembered. This is an incredibly bold method using various psychological principles that allows your spectators mind to fill in the blanks. You will LOVE this!

COERCION // Using only two pieces of paper and two pens, you not only read your spectators mind, but you teach them to read yours in return! Released years ago, I was never fully happy with the ending. It left the performer dirty and meant the cards couldn't be left on the table. So after tweaking and working it, itís now a beautiful little piece of mind reading that can be done in a moments notice!

PUPPETEER // An incredibly commercial card effect in which you prove you have completely control over your spectators reactions. In fact, you prove it twice! This is found in my lecture and lecture notes and has been an absolute favorite of so many. I felt as though it needed more of a spotlight. Itís simple but powerful!

Here is a Demo of Coercion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wClFdeaLiU

The video tuition is over 40 minutes long and is only £4.99 (Roughly $6.59)! You also get a PDF of the Labels needed to print for PSYMOKER!

More info and to purchase: http://jamiedaws.co.uk/jamiedaws/pcp

Im sure everyone will find something they like here. The methods are VERY bold but great fun!

Jamie Daws