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Topic: Something that looks kinda new, comments?
Message: Posted by: jeffl (Sep 10, 2017 10:33PM)
Found this while surfing around YouTube, it's billed as Michael Bourada's "Shattered", sort of the mirror-shard version of a blade box. I have no knowledge or connection to the artist so I think it's OK that I bring it up here (hasn't been that much new going on here lately anyway). Seems fairly original to me but then I don't find myself reading that many trade magazines nowadays so I could be WAY off. Would anyone like to put in their two cents with regard to originality/effectiveness? From what I can tell the video was put up fairly recently...

Message: Posted by: the Sponge (Sep 11, 2017 06:38AM)
Jim Steinmeyer
Message: Posted by: jeffl (Sep 11, 2017 09:15AM)
Uh, which book is it from? Who's the builder?
Message: Posted by: jeffl (Sep 17, 2017 08:54PM)
Huh, I'm puzzled that there weren't any responses. (Yes I know who JS is) Maybe someone knows if there's an AUTHORIZED builder for this and who that might be?
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Sep 17, 2017 10:24PM)
Personally, I would ask Michael Bourada himself if he invented and built this illusion.

Michael used to be active on the Magic Café as "Bradacal" but hasn't posted in a while now.

- Donald

P.S. The idea of using broken mirror shards as blades in a box reminds me of Greg Frewin's take on the Origami Illusion (and yes, I realize that Michael's illusion isn't Origami).

Wellington builds both versions of Origami.


One of several threads on Origami & Greg Frewin.

Message: Posted by: jeffl (Sep 18, 2017 08:42PM)
Thanks Donald, I appreciate your insight.
Message: Posted by: RVH Magic (Sep 22, 2017 02:11PM)
This illusions is called "The Plate Glass Mystery" and you can find it in Jim Steinmeyer's book, "Conjuring Anthology".
( When it appeared in Magic Magazine many years ago it inspired Greg Frewin to use broken mirror shards as blades in his version of the origami illusion.)
Message: Posted by: jeffl (Sep 22, 2017 09:31PM)
Gee so it isn't "new" in the usual sense (just to me I guess), sorry because I didn't intend to mislead anyone, thanks for the help RVH!