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Topic: So I have a "stupid knee".
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Sep 12, 2017 10:26PM)
I know I know. Why should the knee be any different than the rest of me?

But in working with my trainer, I was doing an exercise in which I stand on one foot. OK no biggie. I had my ACL replaced in the right knee, plenty of physical therapy and it went without a hitch.

Come to the left knee and oops. I had arthroscopic surgery on that knee in which they wanted to clean it up with "micro fractures" but the recovery would be WAY too long so I told them to just do what they can. (Google that procedure. OUCH!) Clean here, tuck there and bamo send me home that day walking and tell me to just sort of walk as I can stand it. NO THERAPY.

Well turns out that is not the way to do it. Couple years later and I can't balance on that leg. The muscles? Oh they are just fine. Stronger than one might even expect. But the nerves that compensate when balancing are stupid. They have apparently no idea to fire to make adjustments so I can balance.

On the bright side it is not particularly painful, so that is a first for me and physical therapy! Sort of a bonus. It is sort of embarrassing that simply doing things that have almost no physical exertion causes me to sweat! No kidding.

So a few weeks hopefully I am good to go.