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Topic: Narcissus by Chris Philpott - Question about Lighitng
Message: Posted by: Dapper.Johnny (Sep 19, 2017 12:25AM)
Hey guys, I work mostly lounges and clubs which are very dark environments. Do you know if this works in all lighting situations? Will it work with flash from an iphone?

Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Sep 19, 2017 08:25AM)
It does not work in all lighting situations, in my experience. I had it fail completely in a somewhat dim lighting situation with the light directly above.

That being said, I did not check to see if a different distance would have worked. It was an off-the-cuff performance and when I realized what was happening I bailed and moved on. Not my best moment.

I advise checking the lighting situation first. You may be able to work with it.