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Topic: Halloween Vent Skeletons for a Buck
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Sep 24, 2017 06:57AM)
Dollar Tree has a couple of Halloween decoration props that have great possibilities as Ventriloquist/puppet figures. My favorite is the skeleton rat which, after a little bit of work is now featured as "Chatty Rat" in my Halloween e-Book Collection of Dollar Store Magic Book 3-07 at The Magic Nook. A new concept allows it to suddenly acquire the gift of gab for a bunch of funny jokes and sight gags (included) and just as suddenly lose it when handed to a spectator to try to figure out what makes it move and talk in your hands, but it remains as still as death in his.


They also have a small human skull on a pedestal that I am considering for a shouting match with the rat and other skulls (much like the talking shrunken heads of Harry Potter).