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Topic: Presentation
Message: Posted by: karnage (Apr 13, 2004 12:04PM)
Hi there... Started off with Coin magic, but am now moving partially to mentalism (after doing a simple prediction trick and seeing the classic reaction)... I was just wondering what sort of scripts do mentalists use when doing PK work? Do you guys go all the way describing laws of physics and all that bs? Or do you just go for the trick?
Also, should I get Theo Anneman's PMental Magic or is it outdated? Or should I just jump into the newest kid on the block?
One last thing: For Mentalism effects, do you present them as 'magic' (ala sleight of hand/props) or as 'uri geller/spiritualism' type of impossible miracles?
I know that this is lengthy, and at best annoying... Thanks in advance for all the help :)
Message: Posted by: Muggy (Apr 13, 2004 12:10PM)
Prepare for a barrage of posts pointing out that you could just search the forums for answers to all your questions about mentalism, what books to read etc.


Mentalists never "just do the trick".

What a thing to suggest! - Buy PMM!

Read loads, watch loads, perform everywhere, let your inner weirdo out, schizophrenia is your friend!